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Is there a mute button on the forum?? I want to mute 1Cap
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(04 Sep 17, 08:57PM)gy_be Wrote: -Aac_syria?

Good idea, yet I had -A for all the official maps, and people renamed the ones they wanted to play and uploaded them. Even if -A was made with pattern matching someone could upload camper-minecraft as cute-dog and you'll never know its a crap map unless you play it. So -A still doesn't solve the problem when people can just rename and upload.
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But... Moving the server to an alternative masterserver doesn't solve the problem either, no? People can go and upload crap maps there and vote for them the same way. So I'm not sure what problem the move actually solved. The crap maps can still be voted, and it's not like your server would have been banned from the main MS since it didn't break the maprot rule.
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Oh man, I though you would get it by now.

No one wants to see crap maps on the AC masterserver, Medusa doesn't want to see them, stef doesn't want to see them, you don't want to see them, no one wants to see any form of crap map listed on the servers.

Even you said in your first post, your glad there's less crap maps now that my servers are gone. In the IRC, I never wanted to ban crap maps on my servers, I wanted people to play them less, I host a variety of other maps and everyone keeps voting the same 2-4 maps every time. We've already established that -A isn't good enough, the next best thing is to just move them away from the masterserver. Host them somewhere where if people want to see different maps, they will have to put in more effort to see them.

At the same time it clears the AC masterserver of crap maps, and everyone is happy.
Still people aren't happy, there's still crap maps on AC's masterserver and no ones doing anything about it. It's like the community that hates crap maps loves to tolerate them and blame everyone for the same thing year and year again.

Absolute madness!
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There is no reason to allow map uploads (especially for non-admins) on general pub servers. That feature was meant for specialised mapping servers. Back when I added that feature to AC 1.0, it was common practise, that server owners put some thought into their map collection. It was part of the regular server maintenance to upload new, good maps. I didn't think, that anyone would be crazy enough, to enable uploads for regular players on general servers. On the other hand, boron broke the default setting, so you have to disable it manually: add -MCRU to your commandline to restrict upload to admins. To disable map upload completely, remove the "incoming" directory.

Allowing users to upload crap maps and then blaming them for playing exactly those maps seems a bit weird to me.

Of course, you should provide means for new maps to be added.

If you don't want to watch the forum for new maps yourself, just provide a small mapping server, that allows map uploads. Then, from time to time, check what was uploaded - and then copy the good maps to the game servers. Or provide an email address, where new maps should be sent to.

If you allow uploads for admins: tell your admins, what maps you don't want uploaded - and cancel the admin passes of those who upload anyway.
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I'm not a stef fan as many of you know. But I agree with him on this. Random uploading of silly maps leads to a lot of spam votes and play on stupid/unfair/unfinished maps by people who don't play AC to have fun, but troll others to have fun, and have the overall personality appeal of a wet paper bag. It would make more sense to set aside a few servers exclusively for these maps, as this has worked before. No reason to allow that garbage on regular pub servers. If you want your servers to include that sort of stuff, simply write it into the name and description of the server, adjust your uploading rules accordingly, and do your own thing.
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I'm getting too many mixed messages.

From what your saying is that it was a mistake from years ago to allow map uploading, and there should be a way for users to upload their maps to the server. Yet, there's no grantee that the server admin even considers the uploaded maps to be crap or not.

So far its looking like more of the same.
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Server maintenance is a lot of work. You have to regularly check, if it is still working properly - and if some players can't behave and have to be excluded for a while. For example, you have to read the logfiles to check for attacks on your servers.
Checking a few new maps from time to time is not a real burden, compared to the day-to-day work that a server causes the owner.

Simply allowing all players, to upload what they want, is risky: if there are offensive maps regularly played on a server, the server will be removed from the official list, no matter, who uploaded the map.

Iguana, it would be really nice, if you'd try not to deliberately misquote me. "allow map uploading" was no mistake, but it was no feature for general game servers. It was a mapping server feature. If you enable it for general purpose servers, you will have a hard time to keep up server maintenance. So, it is most probably a mistake for server owners to enable the feature - not for the server to have it.

Let me explain it with an example: the server has an option to require a password to play on it. The feature is there on every server - and yet, it would be a mistake, to enable it for general purpose servers, because no one could play on it. Instead, the feature is used for match and clan servers.

Is it really too much to ask, that a server owner checks the documentation on how to run a server - and then checks, if it makes sense first, before he just enables all features the server provides? Do you just press all the buttons, whenever you get into a car? Or do you only switch on the radio if you actually want to hear the radio?
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(09 Sep 17, 03:18PM)stef Wrote: Is it really too much to ask, that a server owner checks the documentation on how to run a server - and then checks, if it makes sense first, before he just enables all features the server provides? Do you just press all the buttons, whenever you get into a car? Or do you only switch on the radio if you actually want to hear the radio?

You would be surprised what server owners do if you haven't noticed already.
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I don't know bro, I like that line of reasoning. Thankfully we play on Frag Central Servers. WABAWABAWABA. I bid thee farewell lizardman.

MK Edit:: Pretty sure ASS PUNISHERS was the name as much as it was the maps.... roflmao
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I've updated the first post to reflect the changes on how to connect and the links to sites.
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