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So I kicked someone today named HitlerWasRight. Just kicked, not banned. And someone asks me if free speech was not allowed on AC. 
Look, it wasn't about free speech. 
It doesn't matter what I think about anything remotely political. 
People get kicked for less. 
The name is just trolling, and juvenile. It's purpose is simply to invoke a response, and that's what they got from me. Anyone can argue that responding to them is giving them what they want and yada-yada, but that doesn't matter to me. I'm not trying to be someones therapist and treat them with kid-gloves.
There is no reason for it. Some people just like to come in and stir shit up and troll. Personally I've LONG been tired of it. People naming themselves Bin Laden and such. 
If you want to practice free speech you're more than welcome to do that, it's none of my business. But this is not a political debate arena, it's an on-line gaming community. There is nothing positive or helpful or fun about what you're doing. It's just causing contention for the sake of doing so. It's sad that this is fun for some people, but there's nothing I can do about it. The only thing I feel comfortable with doing is kicking you out of the server until you change your name. 
It's not about politics, I could care less about that. It's about intentionally offending people. And this name is offensive to entire races of people.
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It's not about free speech for them either, not really. Not in the sense that they have anything substantial to say. It is about the response, yes. I think your response was the best possible, because the alternative is for them to get you into typing lines and lines arguing about nonsense they don't even care about and playing right into their hands.

I don't think anybody seriously comes to AssaultCube to spread and glorify the name of Hitler etc., nor takes it as a serious offense to even the general principle of freedom of speech when it's shut down. So I see no point in wasting time taking them seriously.
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Actually boomy your spot on. I sit there on times and wonder why would someone use a name like that. Or worse. (Leave that to your imagination)
But your right there is only one way to deal with it ,kick. Hopefully with a message " THINK ABOUT YOUR NAME BEFORE YOU COME HERE"
As we say in Wales "Chware teg."   Fair play

Perhaps the Devs could create a database that will not allow certain words. Though I can see it fraught with issues. Thinking of Perros' servers lol.  But his intentions were good even though ,if one typed a message it did not need to be colourful to be rejected. Happy days hey.
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i mean denying the holocaust is also illegal, same as showing nazi symbols in public etc. Any Hitler should get surgically removed
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Thy rage is hilarious. We deal in death and yet we demand that those deaths be honorable. The only honorable death is that one that doesn't happen. That is the truth.

Let all the factions go. Been there. Let all the racial differences die. Been there.

Let's just do our jobs and bring an FPS to the players that the players love. An FPS that forgets time, and reminds them of a better time. Let's do our duty to these players who've not given up on this game and let's give them the good stuff. I will sacrifice my energy in behalf of the shimmies. I will only use this term as long as stef is OK with it. because

this is the point,

stef is our dev. he's still here. no matter what you may disagree with him on he hasn't given up. he's still going hard. he's still working for the AC because his german ass loves it just as much as I do.

You want to know what My Name means?? It means KH ForTheFKINGWin. It means AC4LIFE. It means don't give up or give a shit if some chump representing a mass genocide thinks he can be funny. FK his shit up. Drop that hammer. DROP that HAMMER. The AC has given itself to you and you've give a little bit of yourself back in return. Honor that. Honor the pieces of yourselves that you've put in and lets bring this girl out of the dirt. Let's make her something we can proud of.

LET US NEVER SAY SHE HAS DIED INGAME AGAIN. I swear if I hear that sentence and I have Admin I will rain holy throwdown on your face.

Shimmies, fight for whats yours by gift.
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