Luca and TM Impostor Hacks.
This happened earlier today.
Their probably imposters but the IP's are there to see and also screenshots of the occurances.

[Image: ty57uAq.jpg]
[Image: w3LyPGp.jpg]

[Image: Cdm2TtF.jpg]

[Image: 367aPXz.jpg]
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70 flags on iceroad seems pretty legit
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Apparently guys with gema skills have fast movement ;)
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Vector, you're right. That "tm" guy is impersonator. This is actually MasterOfVotes.
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Actaully I caught up with Luca yesterday and checked his Ip against the one in the snaps and can confirm it was not him. Never thought it was really but these things have to verified I guess and try and pinpoint the culprit.
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Another IP for "D3AR|LucaBrasi": 212.225.226.x (, 1 minute remaining, server: Avenger).
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Some more...
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some proof about ?
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Sure, No demo unfortunately, but even his vote with fake tk count should be enough.
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(20 Feb 17, 09:56AM)gy_be Wrote: Sure, No demo unfortunately, but even his vote with fake tk count should be enough.

:( bad...
its not enough
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Are you dumb 1cap?

he has a tk count modifier which in itself is worrying enough lol. and why would anyone report someone who is clean, you clearly havent been around. this guy gets 50 flags in a minute lol, very legit.
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"th" is a Teamkiller, hacker teleport and aimbot (6 tks, ping 47). No?
How you know?

Well, "TM" is not a teamkiller...
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lel didn't see properly.

anyway i saw this game on actionfps and tm had 54 flags on ac_power. wish i had screened that, but im sure this is to be found in the logs
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What does Th have to do with this? He's just a random player the cheater we are talking about tried to ban with a false reason to delay getting banned himself. And of course, as DeafieGamer mentioned, the cheater isn't actually tm, he's just an impersonator. And yes, the cheater doesn't seem to teamkill, not sure how that is relevant. Sorry if I didn't understand what you were trying to say, it's not very easy to do.
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Yes GY_be has it spot on.
This is an impersonator .. Nothing to with TM or Luca.
All weekend we have put up with this.
Gy_be worked hard to get this as the fake kept disapearing then coming back.
Gy_be used his script to catch the wanker.
So in this case the IP should be blacklisted not the nik. But is worrying really as obvioulsy who ever is doing this will surely use someone elses nick  ahhh 1Cap your next lol

Its pretty obvious when some scores like 20 flags in as many moments of time, nothing to do with TK etc, it is a hack, and also when you look at my origional post other players were gettiing miffed off and wanted an end to the hack

Well done Gy_be ...............nice work . Appreciated
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