What happened with |VAH| clan?
What happened to the clan? The servers are down, the site is down. And I don't know anything about it. 

~ |VAH|-Ayu
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Hey Vah have moved atm to a github site while things are being sorted. Send an email to VAH -[B]

He will explain more. https://vah-clan.github.io/
The clan still survives but is being restructured.

Atleast in there perhaps you can get some info.


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I can confirm that the clan has moved to https://vah-clan.github.io. Unfortunately, all contact details were purged along with the servers and their data - but the clan is still running. I'm trying to reach out to clan members to inform them all.

Myself and |VAH|-BlueTu are setting up the site (I hacked something together for now), so that things will be back to normal soon. We'll aim to setup the clan server over the next month and get ourselves registered again with the master server.

My email is on the site if you need to contact me and our IRC channel is still running (the window is on our site).


P.S. Thanks @vector :)
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