.45 once again
A while back a clan seemed to disapear into the annals of AC history, but all of a sudden people collide and chance meetings have led to this idea to re-create this great clan.

A formidable clan collapsed....... .45

or did it ???
After the torrid affair of amalgamation .45 was destroyed.

Or was it. Noooooo
Some of us live for a European clan. (PSST not german)

So I am venturing with a revival with this clan. The name is too big to let go so it will be always be .45

But only persons recommended will be allowed so no bribes of free beer.

The members we have already are ex members of .45

Btw this time there will be no strict regime. We play custom maps.

That is what we do.

I will keep you posted as this is just a fun clan . We do not intend to create a competitive side as some of us do not want to teach hax n tactics
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Oh boi, some fresh memes
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(06 Nov 16, 03:08AM)BaDMonkey Wrote: Oh boi, some fresh memes

xD ikr
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Well... .45| went right back to being .45 when 4X didn't work out.
You might want to ask them what they think. Though they seem mostly dead now there, too.
Though Baruch and Zangetsu had both been there today when I had looked.
Not that I care the least, I just know Chill had been playing on ActionFPS as .45 and was talking about a resurgence, but he hasn't played there since July 11th, either.

Good luck, either way.
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Yes i know this I was there watching this as it happened .

But as of today the clan does not exist. You and I both know for3v3r what this amalgamation done. I am ashamed that it happened, ashamed that I fought so hard against it and failedv . I aspired to AoX as you know so well.

The clan .45 will revive what ever .. Barach; I will send FB and see what interest he has ATM . In 7 days ..... The clan will now be revived by ex members. no disrepect to Miro etc. I know I am a wanker who fights hopeless causes ..But this one is a winner I hope.
I hope so much that custom maps wins in this case. Its my only concern these days. Wink wink I do have a few prize cards to play in this issue.

I will also speak to chill out of massive respect..... Probs the only person is who is normal in AC if you can quiet his dogs up in TS3 lol

My intentions here are platonic and perhaps my last interest in AC. As I gave up on DES having TS3 a lifetime ago. lol
]If this happens you will not see me again. I have done my job in AC besides fighting so many lots causes..

No need for memes badmonks lol...............I have a cheque book full of ur clan owes me . lol
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(08 Nov 16, 11:48PM)vector Wrote: No need for memes badmonks lol...............I have a cheque book full of ur clan owes me . lol

I knew you would deliver with some quality stuff, thanks.
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Yo vector what country are you from originally?
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lol note I gave thanks, to your reply. leave it at that. I intend to carry on my post without your sarcasm. Soooo

Marti I am welsh, but have travelled all my life. Let me think.
Gibralter 2 years
France 2 years
USA 5 years
Mallorca lol el catlan 4 years
India 2 years
Libya who wants to know about that xd
a short stint in the falkland islands, lol its why I can not hax missing fingers etc.
And now I live in England ........ The perfect place.
my first language is welsh ........English I now speak most of the time unless with family and friends.
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some things should be kept dead. .45 was just another noob clan with a male adult leader (miro) living together with a male teenage boy (para) irl. if a human being was happy when joining this guild he ended up depressed because of miros "therapy"
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yes maybe so viper . But I liked miro in someways.
And I do not think what you say should be allowed in this forum atm ( This is for private talk) even though we know anyway.
......but in its moments it was good.
But before Miro there was another leader the person who invented the clan.

I am proposing a new order in things.. Like bring back the origional owner. (HINT)
And we shall go from there. We will re-build . Ok once again it willl be German. But I am hoping this time it can be truly european and no head games.

I have the members but I do need Baruch to now say" yes". Without Barach saying yes I will not do anything, this is a sign of our intent. When he does it will become a new order.
The leader will not be me, infact once again I will be plain vector, but you all know me I will not sit on sidelines long , before I find another clan who needs help lol. The leader will be someone you all know anyway a tidy player in ac.

Listen this game gets harder for us who think we can carry on with AC. I am fighting my best in my own way to keep this game going.

Noob clan lol they had some nice players who could win matches .
Also they ran a succesful forum and TS3

so NOOB is not the word viper my friend. What you mean is unfullfilled.
they could of got better.

oh BTW new clan ideals ares simple.

We play custom maps and were there coz we are friends. Thats it. Ok we will tolerate ac shine. ( Bloody still the best map ever) but we will not suffer tower ................Tower is the worst map ever invented. Especially with the campers situ behind you on spawn point . Who the hell came up with that IDK.
Anyway this post is not about maps Atm , But rest assured the clan will be inviting map makers to venture etc.
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You should check your dose of drugs vector xD

All I can say is, good luck and have fun.

Or in other words: There's no god damn way, that it will work out.

@Viper: You are not wrong, but also not right, we had some great matches and wins, have look at the B}League Gold Games for example, if you want to define us by our games ;)
Otherwise i can't disagree...
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