im alpha
im omega. women *** their ******* when they see me. boys want to be me. im the coolest kid on the block. everything i touch turns to greatness. without me there would be no gema. without me there would be no game. im inspired. a visionary. im on top of the world. i own the world. im big. i know everything about everything. im an o.g. im a leader. i can make flowers grow in concrete. i am the colours. im the master and the slave. the rich and the poor. im religion and science. im all you want and need
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(15 Oct 16, 06:19PM)Viper Wrote: ...

If you could... Please end world hunger while you're at it. Thanks, man.
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(16 Oct 16, 12:11AM)Marti Wrote: shit music

fight me, white boy. you aint shit. you aint got nuthin on a g
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Shit thread deserves shit music

Boy get your pre-ejaculate ass outta here acting all whiteboy. Smh no one even says g anymore
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dont talk to me acting like a g, b. you aint got shit on a homie. fix your attitude. yous insults theys not even insults. you dont know class so dont talk shit
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I take each individual degenerate's head and reach into it
just to see if he's influenced by me if he listens to music
And if he feeds into this shit he's an innocent victim
and becomes a puppet on the string of my tennis shoe
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Lmao tryna talk all NY in this bitch

Go polish ur timberlands

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dis scrawny dutch boy tryna be a wigga
tryna be tuff dunno who is bigga
linkin nerdy songs i finna
make a quick rhyme befo dinna
boys a spoiled kid no style
been knowin fo a while
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Scared to say nigga?
Is that because you are white?
I'm probably more bigga
Oh and just so you know your rhymes are shite
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foo i be boolin
you envious droolin
"im probably more bigga"
bru yous a nerd i figga
callin stupid shite i needa
teach you style my good deed a
slap on yo face first base
isa show you class white oh
might be a lost cause tho
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recorded something for you

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unsure of ya genda
no nuts i renda
i's gon try n be tenda
yous a joke b a laf
a nerdy bloke dude i say
whys ya dont change ya ways?
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Son, you think your good, get it out of your head,
you keep continuing your gonna end up dead,
Should've known a dog as parent was a bad crossbred,
unlike you im a real purebred,
Boy, you better run, cause you on deathbed,
After im done with you, you be bleeding red,
Now everything, i dont say be left unsaid,
So before you post better think ahead,
Cuz no matter what you do, i fucking own this thread,
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dunno, i didnt read the last few posts, cause both your rhymes are shit
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dat moment when the rule "Don't feed the trolls" doesn't mean anything. ja!
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(16 Oct 16, 05:06PM)Robtics Wrote: dunno, i didnt read the last few posts, cause both your rhymes are shit

can you rhyme better than i do? can you even rhyme at all? my lyrics are on a commercial rap song level, think 2pac
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Quote: can you rhyme better than i do? can you even rhyme at all? my lyrics are on a commercial rap song level, think 2pac

wannabe lexus
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(16 Oct 16, 08:09PM)Viper Wrote: can you rhyme better than i do? can you even rhyme at all? my lyrics are on a commercial rap song level, think 2pac

3pac > 2pac

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Marti ya tryna be funy
easy to tell ya a wuss puny
i da vipa ya man da pipa
i make da garments dampa
o da hotta gurla not a joka
gotta seven incha fittin i pok her
styla classa i done i passa
ya i big b got da swagga
ya juss anutha fagga
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Yo grenadier y u gimme 30% warning points

And this lovely pm 'you have been warned' without an explanation is amazing too
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@Viper I am sorry... I really am...

But you've come with piles of trash rap, properly slurred,
however the importance of ass in your act is hopelessly absurd.

I sure didn't want to come to this battle like some kind of troll turd,
I wanted to come complete - hoping, that I might be heard.

So if you wouldn't mind, and have the time, I'd like to share a word.
And if you don't wanna hear it maybe you're just a small, white, flightless bird.

But I'll spit it either way, just saying
You spit so much hate, deep down, I think you're the one praying.

As much as you carry on about others and the way they be laying.
I wonder if you're the one that's concerned about your inner gay thing?

Well, same love, man, you gotta know I don't hate.
But every time you cap a rhyme you think anyone cares if they're straight?

And trifling about a woman's parts is mostly just the same,
another wack rapper that thinks people give a shit that he came.

And I'm worried for you, that you might be backing up;
your sexual obsession means you're clearly lacking of.

Hey, I don't judge - and I don't want to be crude.
You've already shown you've covered the bases on being verbally lewd.

But, before next January, I hope you've expanded you're vocabulary.
And then maybe you'll have graduated from Chicken to Canary.

But don't worry about it, I won't be weary.
I'm laughing at you, especially when you're trying to be scary.

And sure @Marti took some short jabs at you,
Cuz he can't take you seriously, either, poo.

And as I interject, let me be clear about intentions.
I am not trying to own you, bro, I don't even want your mentions.
I just get tired of this continual ignorant condescension.
Accidents happen, but I advocate prevention.

So I came to let you know, that it's not too late;
I don't want to see you suffer this bullshit wack rap fate.

And If there was a word of praise,
it would be for you acknowledging it, and changing your ways.
Let me help you might see that it pays.

So, first, I'm telling you now: don't worry about the gays,
instead, focus a little more on what it is you have to say.

Secondly, with women, respect is the way,
If you show a little more of it, they might finally give you the time of day.

Third, I'll go in a somewhat different direction,
Because no one needs to hear about your erection.

Lastly, I've got to say, just drop the douchebag act.
Then next time maybe there will be a worthy reason, for me to react.

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+f0r3v3r+ Wrote:bars

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(19 Oct 16, 10:49PM)+f0r3v3r+ Wrote: Borderline rape
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viper if u wanna name urself after an animal change ur name to monkey cause you act like one.

Oh and forever got barrrrrsssssss. :D
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