Not official maps
I have problem. I can play only official maps from game. When i join server with another map i can't play and can't download map.
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What's the error message?
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how did you make that screenshot?
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i'm only guessing but that looks like a permission issue on your end
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(09 Oct 16, 02:01PM)stef Wrote: how did you make that screenshot?
I click F11 in game and then Prt Scr button
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Yes, it usually is a permission problem because of installing the game in "XP mode" - but that should also have prevented the usual way to take a screenshot. That's why I asked.

piotrekmpc, unless you are using Windows 98 or Windows XP with an administrator account, make sure, you check this option during installation:

This option also works fine with XP and older versions - but the other option certainly will not work with anything newer than XP.

In short: always use the second option!
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Ye it works, thanks =)
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