Is LeaN a cheater?
(24 Jul 16, 04:56PM)Marti Wrote:
(24 Jul 16, 11:11AM)grenadier Wrote: Other one of the most interesting fragments:
1. - 12:33, 6:15, 5:11, 1:48, 1:12, 0:45

ok so i watched this demo

12:33. you can hear the guy's footsteps
6:15. basic spot to check
5:11. no clue what would be suspicious here
1:48. you could hear him shoot
1:12 no clue what would be suspicious here
0:45 this is the only thing that seemed suspicious to me. I couldnt hear the guy, and it could be a prefire, but who prefires that doorway instead of prefire the hp pack n shit. edit: should specify this was a sniper prefire

"12:33. you can hear the guy's footsteps" - do you really hear them from LeaN's location? Maybe that could be W-E's steps, which was on the line, but farther :)
"6:15. basic spot to check" -> on pubs. I don't believe, that it's accident, that he directed crosshair precisely to Minion (and started to shoot immediately), which just decide to camp there, because Lean didn't do that, if there wasn't any enemy  :)
"5:11. no clue what would be suspicious here" -> he knew, where is hidden enemy, waited and aimed precisely
"1:12 no clue what would be suspicious here" - hmm, right, that isn't too obvious

That were only a few cases, on middle/long range practically he wasn't off guard, on short range that happened rarely.

Quote:also i saw that at approx 0:57 he camps behind a box, and seems to hit one or two pistol shots through the box? (could be lag idk)

There is bug in AC, in third person POV you will see, that he didn't crouch, when he shot (jamz noticed that bug).
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Yes i clearly heard it while spectating from lean his POV.
I didnt watch the whole demo, but if he never checked there and only that one time, then that is weird. Anyway this was my 2cents. If anyone who is more wh advanced could add some more pl0x.
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As your point u can see 1000 demos about some skilled player n find in every ramdom plays and say "omg u see? how?" shitx happnd.
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do I have the right demo? ingress?

the first three moments marti mentioned are not suspicious but the last one at 1:12 is weird I think
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The demo i was talking to was a gothic game
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All this thread is weird, and stup!d... :s
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Does he LeaN wit it, rock wit it?
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(24 Jul 16, 08:10AM)BaDMonkey Wrote:
(24 Jul 16, 02:36AM)Boomhauer Wrote: grenadier has been around a LONG time. Just so you know.
No reason to talk down to him.

There is a big difference between someone that has been around for a long time to someone that has played competitively for a long time.

There are people that have played for only 1 year that are better and know more about the game than people that have been around for 10.

Even though Grazy was being rude, his point is valid.

Nah, he's still a chump regardless. Competition is good but sometimes very very bad. It's got screwbongs talking like they own the place when they clearly don't.
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