What Kind of Hack is This ?
Names : bla (IP : 176.4.135.x), jD$j (IP : 177.47.204.x)
Date : 11-June-2016
Reason : Alias changing Hack (Server Hack)

I connected on this server for a OSOK match. While I was playing my Alias (In game Name) got changed, two times. I never realized until I connected on another server. On the TAB window, it was showing my changed name and on the settings penal it was showing my previous name. There were two players on that server who could have done that, I dont know how and who. This is some sort of Server hacking.

I was playing with the name (Original) : Neo (Tron)

Demo/ Proof : https://www.mediafire.com/?ervclt9vqohlf3q
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If you watch the complete demo you would know it was the first client: bla/unarmed

The server doesn't seem to be running at the moment, but I would guess they are using the Lua Mod with some kind of function in the script to facilitate changing client names.
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