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Team Sign Up Thread
Hi! :-)

Country/Region: South America
Team Tag: SA|
Captain: EndGame
Players: RayDen, Minion Veler0ck.
Substitutes: EndGame.
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wtf ? i'll play for bra '-'
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Team SA Approved!

Condy, did you not want to be on the Brazil team?
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Thank you for approved us. I'm sorry, that was my bad. I added him to our team because I was told he was playing for SA|. That message is like 1 month old, though.
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Ok so the lineups for SA and BRA are correct then?
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Good Luck with the tourney!
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Country/Region: Germany
Team Tag: de_
Captain: Elite
Players: Robtics, Furios, Elite
Substitutes: Horus, Mash, hure
Thanks given by: Million , Vanquish
Germany approved! The bracket will be officially released later today
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Where is undeads team? Is he afraid of the RP shotty?
Thanks given by: HoeHunter , Marti