"URMOM" and "BENCE", teamkillers
There are two teamkillers "URMOM" and "BENCE" (or bence in this case) but when I was trying to get the information about them I was banned from the Marshmallow |SE| server by "dorianowin".
I tried to understand why, so I think was because I played a few minutes there, then I left, and later I connected again into the server. Of course I preserved my score.
Well, I guess "dorianowin" isn't an admin there, but I think was unfair the vote that he called.
Ok, I have only a demo file of previous match, I can't download the demo file of the last match; and I have the maps files too. Also I send the screenshots (but in an only image, because I'm too lazy to upload all images separatedly, sorry)
Can someone verify this?




[Image: 20160522_17_11_13_17_33_38_46_239_122_33_2877.jpg]
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