is "kainerex" a hacker?
someone can verify if this player is hacking?
I have 2 demos and 2 sets of images.
The matches were in the same server, but I forgot take screenshots when we were playing the second match, so I take them from the demo. Is it valid?.

[Image: 20160522_22_13_11_22_16_53_104_206_199_2331_33.jpg]

[Image: 20160522_22_25_03_104_206_199_2331_3333_Public.jpg]
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those demo files are 'broken'. next time find them and post the links.
flag score hack
wall hack

EDIT: about the IP. apparently i have no access to the logs, let see what forever have to say about it :D
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99flags on power, very legit
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About the demo files broken, I had this problem previously ( I'm playing on Windows with the portable version from portableapps [dot] com, is this a possible cause of that problem?

LMAO. I need you the next time when I'm playing on that map. ;)
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Sorry I haven't replied to you sooner.

Clearly this guy is using a teleport hack.
Residential IP address looks pretty static, but he clearly hasn't been playing very long, either.


As for your demos, I don't think it is your version of AC. I think FileDropper is removing the compression from your demos when you upload them.

If you download them from that site you used, you can then compress them as .gz files, change the name to only .dmo (from .dmo.gz) and they will work.

I advise using a different site for sharing demos.

You are welcome to use this one...
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