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AC World Cup 2016 is a 3v3 CTF cup taking place in June, July and August! The cup is double elimination. Teams should represent a country or historically significant region. Only two teams from each region are allowed.

A team must consist of at least three players including a captain. Teams will be seeded and placed randomly into a bracket.

One match is played per week. A match thread will be made to organise a date and method of communicating. The date that the teams agree must be promptly posted in the thread so a referee can be provided. Any posts in the match threads that are off topic will be deleted at the directors' discretion.

If teams agree a server to play their match on then that server will be used. If no agreement can be made a referee will decide a server which, on balance of pings, packet jump and stability is fairest.

If a team is later than 15 minutes to field their team a referee may declare them to have forfeited. Generally referees will try hard to avoid this.

For each match, a map pool of five maps will be provided in the match thread. Just before the match, the teams will take it in turns to blacklist a map from the pool until only one remains. The team listed first in the match thread blacklists first. That map is then played on both sides.

The possible maps in the map pool are aqueous, arabian, depot, desert3, elevation, gothic, iceroad, ingress, lainio, mines, power, shine, sunset, swamp, urban, werk

The winner is the team with the most total flags. If flags are tied, the tiebreaker map written in the match thread will be played once (please shuffle teams and move to the side with the majority of your team's players to decide the sides). If it's still tied, the referee will pick further fair maps to play.

The possible tiebreaker maps are shine, sunset, power, iceroad

Teams are entitled to a benched player in addition to the three that play. During a match a player may substitute another provided (s)he waits at least 5 seconds before spawning. Players may play on if a player disconnects. For this reason, please bring a substitute! Spectators are generally disallowed except as the referee chooses.

Intentionally using bugs is not allowed. If a player drops a flag into an inaccessible location the enemy team will be awarded one extra flag to their score.

Players should be polite to one another. Referees may impose match bans to players who don't meet the standard!

Players that have been proven to cheat in the last 6 months may not play. Players should use their well-known names to signup and in game.

We ask that the winning team take responsibility for collecting demos (and ideally screenshots too) and posting them to their match thread.

We can't predict every eventuality; referees may improvise!
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