[split] Trionkali Hackusation
Hey DnC admin,

Its Punjabi.Ver-7.1. I want to report a player of your's for hacking and abusing admin status. Guy's name is |DnC|Trionkali. Although I have reported him on AC forum's blacklist section, but i wanted to inform you as well. Guys like him ruining the game for everyone. I am giving you the link of the demo where he was wall hacking.
Link : http://www.mediafire.com/download/5o3lb7...in_CTF.dmo

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This guy :/ Even has the wrong IP in the blacklist reports. Fucking trolls. I gave him the demo and everything.
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lmfao trionkali hacking

(15 Mar 16, 09:21AM)Vinayill Wrote: Guys like him ruining the game for everyone.

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(15 Mar 16, 09:21AM)Vinayill Wrote: Hey DnC admin,

Its Punjabi.Ver-7.1. I want to report a player of your's for hacking and abusing admin status. Guy's name is |DnC|Trionkali.

>My sides

I can't stop laughing man, you made my day. No offence bro but Trionkali isn't hacking, you just got rekt son. Ask trion, he gets rekt daily himself :P

If you sincerely think Trionkali is hacking then if you saw what pros play like, you would shit your pants and un-install the game.
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Trionkali sound-whore-4-lyf3 xD
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Not even. He f**king moves so loud DeafieGamer could hear him.
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[Image: zaWDLpg.gif]
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there was another guy some years ago with the name Vinayil, or something close. You impersonating. I report you.

Seriously though, these accusations are getting out of hand. I see them every time I play at least once or twice some noob crying hack randomly. I don't get it. I mean, it's fairly easy to tell if someone is ACTUALLY hacking.
There have been times I've questioned people that are actually seemingly legit. But this is just silly.
Also, Vinayill your "music" is just... just awful. Sorry, but somebody had to tell you.

BTW, welcome DnC!
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LOl...This Hacker (Your Pro player) got rekt, not me and was crying like baby and banned me from server. And if you really think he doesn't hack, then watch the demo (in Slow motion). And tell him to practice more, hacks cant save him....not for long. I dont wanna brag but I defeated +f0r3v3r+ too, and i still have that Demo, if you wanna watch.

Don't support hacks.
Play fair and clean (Wash ur hands before Playing)
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Quote:"I dont wanna brag but I defeated +f0r3v3r+ too."
It does sound to me like somebody is scraping the bottom of the barrel for retorts. Be careful to watch out for splinters. Keep in mind punjabi, I banned a troll and a blacklist abuser. Speaking of which.

I forward the motion of blacklisting this blacklist abuser for false reporting and bad Cuber etiquette.
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(22 Mar 16, 05:03PM)Vinayill Wrote: I dont wanna brag but I defeated +f0r3v3r+ too, and i still have that Demo, if you wanna watch.

fite me ill fuk u up
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Dude you are so lost
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I like that beating me has become an accomplishment....

And... I hate to burst your bubble, but anyone who knows me knows where the name comes from....
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aha....I thought so. Everybody came defending their childhood Buddy friendy, yet i am sure no one has watched the demo. These guys are so immature that One is asking me for a dual and and other one is telling me i am lost in the woods. Its not a "Who's wearing the prettiest dress" competition. Nobody's talking about the technical stuff about How I am claiming him a hacker. Either they don't wanna admit that their Childhood buddy's hacking or they don't have a clue about what to look for and watch in a demo if someone is hacking.

Here Watch some stuff, learn and then comment. Free Pizza for the kid who figure it out first.

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I watched the demo and no he wasnt hacking. You liar! I expect you to behave better next time.
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Well... I guess I need to waste my time on a proper rebuttal, because this is important to me. Even though separate parties have already cleared Trionkali, I will not let you continue your spam posting and accusations here, Vinayill. Whether you want to admit to the evidence with an objective perspective or not, I will ask with this that you stop posting here, as you have made your position clear.

As for technical discussion...
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Pow pow
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Vinayill top bants. Y u no reply to my 1v1 request? Also forever its nice you do this much effort but you really shouldnt have as this accusation is probably the worst accusation ive ever seen.
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"Your pro player" (ಠ ͜ʖಠ)

The bantz are real

PM when you want to 1v1, that way you can add another demo to your pro hackers

EDIT: RIP Freedom boner
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I hate to be me with this one.
I think that Vinayill is being rather douchey about it....
But I tend to agree with his point.
It seems Trion had an uncanny awareness as to where his opponent was on the map. And when I say uncanny, I mean he seemed to ALWAYS know. And there was that one time right before he was accused of wallhack, that Trion actually shot at him when he was behind the wall.
I tend to believe he can see through the walls, though not shoot through them.
Sorry to disagree with those saying it's not hacks. But I do believe that through this demo alone (and admittedly I haven't watched any others of Trion playing) that it does look like he can see through walls at the least.
He is a good player inherently anyway, and I can tell by his gameplay. But I believe he does in fact use a hack to see through walls, or to otherwise locate opponents on the map.
The only other possible explanation is that all Trion's sounds are mono, and he determines which direction his opponent is going by what pickups he gets. But that's a flimsy explanation at best, and still a form of cheating.
idk, maybe he has the ultimate surround sound system in the room he plays in or something.
I hate to call hacks, because it irritates me when others do it unfounded.
But, I have to agree this demo is fishy, despite Trion's willingness to relinquish it for proof.
I can appreciate your efforts +f0r3v3r+, but it still seems suspect to me
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Did you even watch the video I posted above? (In the spoilers)
Alternatively, if you watch carefully, you can tell there are a number of times it is clear Trionkali doesn't know where his opponent is.
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(03 Apr 16, 01:42AM)+f0r3v3r+ Wrote: Did you even watch the video I posted above? (In the spoilers)
Alternatively, if you watch carefully, you can tell there are a number of times it is clear Trionkali doesn't know where his opponent is.

Unfortunately they all seem to come after the accusation.
As far as Vinayill being predictable, the very first two times he exited the base Trion seemed to DEFINITELY know where he was, and Vinayill went two different directions.
I also take into consideration Trion's behavior before an opponent even entered the server. He went collecting flags without an opponent in anticipation of someone logging on. Says this is someone who will win at any cost. A suspect behavior to me in any case.
Hey, man we are buds... I just have to say it looks suspicious. I see your point, but I see his too. Like I said, I can appreciate your explanation, and it makes sense. But I respectfully disagree. If he's not hacking, Trion is one of the most focused players I have ever seen play the game, and he has my sincerest apologies. But, man I'm just going off how it looks and my personal understanding of the game. It's entirely possible you are smarter than me and understand it in a way I simply can't, so I respectfully bow out of this deliberation.

Also, I'm sorry this thread took a turn in this direction.
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This is crazy, look no offence to trionkali and no offence to boomhauer, but if you wholeheartedly think that such a small prediction is from an incredibly focused player you have not seen anything from the competitive side of AC. Again no offence to trionkali, his aim has been getting a lot better, and his teamwork has somewhat improved, but his game-sense is miles off anything close to the top tier players.

Even if he didn't hear the pick up or not, any experienced player would of pre-fired that after knowing the timing for someone to leave their base. f0r3v3r could of predicted that, I could of predicted that, grazy, subby, marti, million or anyone else who is a mid to top tier player could predict that. Not just that specific moment, but basically the majority of Vinayill's movements.

This is why no one can take this thread seriously, the fact that someone thinks that such basic predictions are hacking is ridiculous, there are people in this game, that with out any sound, any info on your whereabouts, they will guess where an experienced player is 80%. Vinayill is a pub player his movements are simple, and predictable, it is the harsh truth. Heck everyone had a point where they were predictable.

I remember when I was just starting to play competitive, and I was around trionkali's level, playing inters with people like vanquish where they called the enemies position all the time, and me being completely confused on how they do it. Its practice, playing 1000 situations 100 times and knowing by educated guesses where the enemy is. I briefly talked about this in my video, about how people should focus on training their "game-sense" as early as possible, to take risks and chances and go with hunches and educated guesses.
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(03 Apr 16, 02:57AM)BaDMonkey Wrote: ....

Yeah, well I tend to take offense.

I've been playing for *8 years, and I still see this as suspicious.

After watching the demo 6 times now, I've become even more convinced. And you saying something about competitive play is insulting at best.

I stated before it's the first two times, but it's actually EVERY time that Trion knows where he is up until the hackusation..

*Before Vinayill connects: "Evayne" connects, you can clearly see Trion following him after spawn through the walls, then moves to meet him.
*The first interaction: 14 mins remaining. Trion literally follows Vinayill's movements from opposite ends of the map. You can clearly see him follow Vinayill's movements through the walls.
*Second: 13 mins remaining. After Trion gets akimbo, he looks directly at Vinayill's position through the walls, waits on him, and jumps through the window in perfect time to attack.
*Third: 13 mins remaining. Trion looks in Vinayills direction through walls, waits in base and never even gestures towards the left side, but waits aiming directly towards the right side where Vinayill eventually comes in to try for the flag.
*Fourth: 13 mins remaining. Trion waits behind a wall, then double jumps over the wall to come up on Vinayill, without ever seeing him.

I can go on, but I would rather make a video demonstrating my point. I am still trying to get Windows Movie Maker to work on Windows 10, which seems to be impossible.

The more I watch this demo, the more I am convinced that Trion can see through the walls. If you watch the demo and really be unbiased about it, it's plain as day. He sees what the other player is doing through the walls, then makes moves to intercept or ambush them.
You can call me noob or not a competitive player or whatever you want. But this has only made me watch the demo over and over and all I see makes me more and more convinced.
Trion is looking through the walls. He knows where the enemy is. And it would take an act of congress to change my mind now.
I was willing to think "Hey, maybe I'm just noob", but the more I watch the more guilty he looks.
I urge you to watch the demo again.
Every time Trion interacts with the other player, directly beforehand you can literally see him following their movements through the walls.
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For those people who are vouching for Trionkali's innocence, I'm curious what your thoughts are on ~9:58 remaining where he is blank firing at a wall before you hear the click of the ammo pickup. This is where he gets called out. Trionkali said he heard the ammo pickup -- which is true, so did I. But he shoots the wall BEFORE the sound.

The other thing I found rather curious was at ~14:15 remaining, where he is standing on the bridge and pans the length of blue base before making lots of noise. Yes, I do hear the ammo pickup before Trionkali starts shooting. But I'm curious why Trionkali decided to teabag the bridge if he wasn't trying to get the guy to turn around? And if he was trying to get the guy to turn around, how he knew the guy had to turn around?
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mr 10 why would he have fired the wall if he knows enemy doesnt move and he cant shoot through wall?

mr 11 why would he prefire when he knows enemy is backing?
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(03 Apr 16, 03:58AM)Boomhauer Wrote: *Before Vinayill connects: "Evayne" connects, you can clearly see Trion following him after spawn through the walls, then moves to meet him.

Tbh I don't think this thread deserves half of the shits that have been given over it.

But this particular point annoys me greatly. He doesn't follow him through the walls.
He waits for the spawn (which you can easily see if you press tab) and then runs into base. There wasn't some amazing prediction, the guy is ONLY GOING TO SPAWN IN HIS OWN BASE.

As for the rest of what you're saying, I do, as always respect your opinion on this. But I respectfully disagree. I think you guys are analysing this through the eyes of someone who's actually good at the game (which makes sense, you guys are). Just remember that the guy who originally brought this forwards is nowhere close to that level.

It's pretty much the pubber thing that I see in tf2 (which is mostly all I play nowadays) almost every time I venture into the aids of pubs. The moment one player is actually good, everyone just calls him a hacker.

As for the whole ammo box pickup sound thing, forever did an entire video explaining that, at least do him the courtesy of looking at it.

Whilst I cannot say that Trion is definitely not hacking, or definitely hacking, I can say this. From what I've seen of that demo (which I've watched about twice to be fair), the prediction shown is no different than what I'd expect from anyone of around Trion's level. Furthermore, in every interaction or game I've had with or against him, he's never done anything which would lead me to suspect that he hacks. I don't believe that from that demo, you can conclusively say that he hacks, because there isn't enough there. Sure you can go on about the ammo box, but as forever pointed out, Vin-whatever lags out.

And finally, to address the thing about grabbing flags, it obviously wasn't the only thing he did. He ran around, jumped around, spammed nades. He didn't just grab flags to pump up stats, he just ran around having fun on an empty server.

Can we just put this fucking thing to bed. Please.
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Trion hacking..... That's new hahahaha
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This is a great thread. Very amusing. I r8 8/8
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As everyone knows, I'm pretty noob. But I don't hear or see him here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmiFP92q...be&t=1m35s

Can someone who is better at the game than me explain how he knew to turn?
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