A quick abridged episode I made
This is episode 4 for The Weekly Quickie Abridged show i voice act in. I figured I'd share it here for shits and giggles.
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Here is another episode I voice act in.
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Had to do a bit of a gravedig....

I hate this. Literally HATE this.
I may have a preconceived notion of "acting" and "humor".
But the only thing that makes a voice actor funny is knowing about the actor in the first place, or they have to have a very funny dismeanor. As in, seeing them in live-action movies, and over the course of many movies forming an opinion of them, then associating the character with what you know about the voice actor... laughs follow if you're fond of the actor and/or you have an affinity for their persona in some way.
This lacks creativity in so many ways it makes me laugh and gag at the same time, so I guess in that respect it's "funny?"
For one thing, anime is something that is rarely funny. And for some people, that means they may find a niche for themselves, making humorous cartoons from a generally humorless tiny country in the world partially bearable by the rest of civilization.
Unfortunately, not only is this mediocre anime uninteresting in the first place, it definitely lacks substance when combined with "c" rated "voice actors".
In an unimaginative country such as Japan, building fine automobiles, making acceptable rice liquors, and creating silly poorly animated cartoons is all they can muster for the earthly good. They definitely don't need a goofy couple of tools re-interpreting their "art" in this way. Please, find something else you may be good at. Flopping Whoppers.... orrrrrr mowing lawns.
People like you degrade the names of people like Irina Nistor.
Please, stop doing this and seek fame elsewhere. Or jump off a cliff and save us all.
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(07 May 16, 03:40PM)Boomhauer Wrote: blah
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(07 May 16, 03:40PM)Boomhauer Wrote: I love this so much!
Thanks for the view! And yes I will sign your poster of me.
Here are a few more

Hope you love them Boomhauer!

-Your Best Buddy!

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyFQOHiM_oY <--giveaway video link
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