I made a thing
Long story short: Some years ago, my NES died and I kept it, just in case. About 3 weeks ago I decided to build a decent computer into the case, it mostly became possible because of the skylakes with low wattage and integrated GPU since the the NES case has an inexistant airflow.

I answered a lot of questions and gave extra informations about it here: Imgur link and here: r/pcmasterrace/ so don't ask where the PSU is please.

And yes, it runs AssaultCube, probably 10 of them simultaneously.

Finished product:
[Image: E3D9rSr.jpg]
[Image: dnUM69y.jpg]

The parts

Here is the case I used

Quickly mounted everything the first day and installed W7pro

First case modifications

The plan

A big hole in the bottom of the case

Making the woodplank fit

The hole in the woodplank

Backplate hole is perfect

Some O-rings to avoid twisting the plastic case while screwing the wood plank

Adding a motherboard holder + custom SSD holder

Rearanging the wires for the LED, power and reset buttons

Cutting, adjusting and placing the fence

Screwing the cable port on the woodplank

Placing parts

When you open it

Hope you enjoyed. ;)
[Image: tumblr_lm2lufG9371qii6tmo1_500_zps40d6164d.gif]
This is the greatest thing I have ever seen
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Fucking sick bro, do you have space for a GPU if you want to upgrade later?
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Man you screwed up that NES! O_O


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(09 Mar 16, 09:21PM)BaDMonkey Wrote: do you have space for a GPU if you want to upgrade later?

I should have space for one kind of GTX 750ti "slim" that would take place at the SSD current place, but only if I literally cut 1/3 of the GPU's backplate, 100% savage. But then it would add two new issues, the temps and the wattage. The PicoPSU gives ~160W but it's not a 80+ so it's wise to avoid playing with the wattage limits, even if the GTX 750ti has one of the lowest wattage, under load the computer could need a lot more than 100W which becomes dangerous.

Note that it can be a lot easier to build a computer in a NES but I wanted something significantly more powerfull than a Raspberry, and especially something I can work/maintain/repair/upgrade easilly. All the parts are independant from the plastic case, everything is screwed to the woodplank which is amovible by removing the 4 screws at the bottom.
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Omg, nice job ExodusS!!!
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good stuff ExodusS
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Damn, you gotta show this guy up.

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