Who uses localised MOTD and serverinfo files?
It felt like a good idea to implement seven years ago - but I was wondering, if anyone actually ever used the feature.

Who, as a player, has changed his "lang" setting from the default "en" to something else to get translated MOTD and serverinfo texts?

Who, as a server owner, actually provides MOTD and serverinfo files other than with "_en" suffix?
(I'm not asking about using different languages in the default messages. I'm asking about dedicated files with translations.)

PS: I'm sorry, I have to mention this in every thread, but derailing and offtopic posts will at least be deleted.
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Wow... I have to say that I think this is an overlooked feature that many people are likely completely unaware of.
Speaking for myself, it didn't occur to me this was possible... So - no - I haven't ever enabled this for client or server.
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Since this feature would require three quite unlikely events to happen simultaneously (server owner providing translations, player requesting translation, both using the same language), it is safe to assume, that it was never used - not even once during the last seven years.

So, during the server code overhaul, I removed the ability of the server to look for files with translations. Since now all config files are read during server start, the added complexity to search for translations in advance (and later to poll for updates) would have been more than should be invested in never-used features.

I kept the client-side language setting, and the protocol still transmits the requested language to the server, so anyone who really wants the feature, is free to implement it server-side in a compatible fashion.
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