Where do you play AC?
The next release of AC will have a personal ID system. Basically, you create an ID with your game client and then use it to play online. Since there's going a fair amount of randomness into the ID, no one can recreate it. It will never be transmitted anywhere. It will reside in your personal profile directory on your harddrive, protected by a password.

For the basic setup, where one player has one gaming PC with no public access to the machine, the ID should be safe. Some more provisions prevent simple attacks from evil little brothers.

However: you need to be able to trust your PC. When you start the game, the ID will be unlocked with the password and remain in memory until you quit the game - which means, a hacking tool running in the background will be able to read out your ID. Also, it is fairly easy, since AC is open source, to create a modded client that steals your ID.

So, the basic setup is safe - but in which situations do you run AC?
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I have my own PC, no-one else in my family uses my PC.

I am running Windows 10, and I run the vanilla client, however I have a custom cross-hair (purple dot), so I have no idea if that technically makes it a modded client .

I use malwarebytes to scan my computer everyday, since I do pirate some software sometimes. Other than that my PC is pretty secure.

I hope I interpreted your question right, at first I was just going to say "when I am bored".

Also its nice to see you in the forums, I hope more people can give you the information you need.
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Excuse me, but if this is a statement that using different computers/connections/ip addresses will be less secure and can possibly make it easier to hack certain players' accounts, I'm not sure this thread is such a great idea. Kind of makes it a one-stop shop for easier targets. Just sayin'
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Grenadier brought up the situation, where a player may want to play from a school computer - which is about as unsafe an environment as it can get. I wanted to know, what other environments AC gets played in. Depending on the situation, sometimes simple changes to the implementation may increase the security.

PS: please stay on topic...
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I have notebook with AC in bed , desktop with AC in workroom , svn version with AC in work, in old PC in summer cottage too. Don't do client side GUID, do server side GUID with time seed.
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