server won't load ?
I know this question has been asked before, but the last post I could find was in 2013.

just formatted my computer, installed windows 8.1 64bit, downloaded assault cube and the servers will not load. I also have the portable assault cube and the servers load fine there. what do I have to do ?
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Something with write permissions? Not too sure, but I've also had it before and this only happened when i installed under Program Files.
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During installation, do NOT use the "XP"-option.
[Image: 4TGljWm.png]
It does not matter, which windows you're using: always use the second option!
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That worked! thank you. Do you know why that makes a difference ? I use to be able to chose the other option without problems.
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The first option works fine with Windows 98.

If it worked for you on anything newer, you were using an administrator-account to play. Don't do that :)
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