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(13 Dec 15, 09:35PM)Marti Wrote:
(13 Dec 15, 08:05PM)Mousikos Wrote: Isn't ActionFPS open source? I can't find the source to compile it for myself.


here innit?

Yeah except for `sbt clean test dist` doesn't seem to produce a client. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
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(13 Dec 15, 10:33PM)Mousikos Wrote: Yeah except for `sbt clean test dist` doesn't seem to produce a client. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

cant help u with that, i aint that technical :D
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(13 Dec 15, 09:35PM)Marti Wrote: guess your site doesnt function properly yet. passive aggressive because your 'official' site isnt working lol

If you didn't fall into the category of people i described earlier in this thread you would have found the list on Cannonfodder tournament site or the match client thread and maybe even linked it here.

Regarding the website, if you are encountering issues we would be happy that you report them, the best place for that being : https://github.com/ScalaWilliam/ActionFPS/issues

However, I don't think that this presentation problem on this very page means that the site is "not working" - but we will definitely fix it.

Remember that we do not care about what you claim your intentions are. We're working on this project with passion. We are not interested in sterile and dishonest discussions that have nothing to do with the ideas we're materializing. We leave useless talking to those who can only do that.
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(13 Dec 15, 11:59PM)[email protected] Wrote: If you didn't fall into the category of people i described earlier in this thread you would have found the list on Cannonfodder tournament site or the match client thread and maybe even linked it here.

he should link it in his original post, why would someone who sees this post/thread and wants to play this tournament browse every other thread slightly related to it? you would assume everything you need to know about the tournament would be in this thread/original post, but no. dont blame the people for mistakes the 'newby' tournament organisers make (no offense, but they are new to this:) )

still trying to fire shots after i helped you point out a flaw in your site, how grateful!

*insert useless passive aggressive mandatory lines here*
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Yeah, Lucas can't take criticism because he's passionate. Mate, I really want to play in WLM. But I prefer to compile my client. As this thing is open source, I should be able to do just that but I can't find the source code to do it. I did the sbt thing from the readme on the github. I had previously clicked through to the official actionfps website and did not see a linux client. Is that enough to warrant some help compiling my own client since it's open source?
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Bag o' Dicks to the lot of ya'

Sometimes you guys are worthless as hell I might add....

Passion or not, it could have been easier to take a break from developing a "MOD" of a game (not even it's own standalone game) to post the obscure location from which you Windows n00bs posted the Linux version.
But it is clear you do not give two sh**s about Linux users - a significant portion of devotees to this game, I might add...
So here you guys go:
Original post where [email protected] posted the lone Linux version whose binary may or may not be compatible with your *nix (Sorry BSD guys - you are way too far down the hole for them to care :/):
And the link to the client is:

As far as I can tell, the site itself is open source, but the source for the client isn't available, afaik.
So just stfu and use google next time guys and maybe actionFPS will consider adding some more linkage to their site when they are done hacking together their own client.

And gl with the tourney...
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Cheeky 'wontfix' label m8.
Glad I could help.

Ungrateful pricks
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any suggestions for the date?
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27-30 December for me.
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30 February
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quality banter there grazy
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Where exactly does February come in from?
(28 Nov 15, 12:48PM)cannonfodder Wrote: Tournament period: Between Christmas and New Year´s Eve
Cannonfodder is trying to host a tourney and these rude/mean responses
aren't helping anyone so either post something useful or don't post at all.
Is it that hard?
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team : made in brazil
tag : mibr|
players : condy , IGC , [email protected]
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good luck with your team Condy ;)
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From december 20 to december 30.
Thanks given by: Nemo
Team: |#LC*|
Captain: Elite
Members: [[email protected]][email protected][/email], Tib0, Elite,
Sub: Fearles, Vanguard, Atomikk
Contact: here, skype, ts
Thanks given by: cannonfodder
Team: |BC|
Captain: Veritas
Member´s: Veritas, RayDen, |<3u.
Sub´s: DogDancing, Timber, hure, Ludas.
Contact: http://beyondcompare.tk/ or on TeamSpeak:
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Veritas edited already the post ;)
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Yeah..saw it sec. ago
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gl with your team Elite ;)
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(20 Dec 15, 07:35PM)cannonfodder Wrote: gl with your team Elite ;)

Thx. Can't wait until the tourney begins.
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(14 Dec 15, 09:44PM)aarmaageedoon Wrote: 27-30 December for me.

Sounds good, what about the times? for EU,US,BR etc...
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If someone wants to make a mix team, pm me
Preferred dates: 25-27th
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12-23 gmt+1
And for sure not Christmas. It is to spend it with family.
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I would prefer 28-29 December.
Any opposed?
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29.12- 3.1
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[Image: bquveb2j.jpg]

WLM Training
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lozi is so the king of the shitlord brazilians
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***Rules Update***

Here is how the tournament will be played; there will be a group phase with 2 Groups of 6 teams. Group A and Group B. After the group phase the 2 teams with most points of each group will move forward to play the final phase.
Group phase will go as follow:
– Each teams faces all the other teams is the group ( 5 BO2 / team )
– 2/0 gives 2 points, 1/1 gives 1 point to both teams, 0/2 gives 0 point
Games will be played on ActionFPS client compatible Servers, so the results will be accessible on
Final phase will go as follow:
– MATCH 1: Group A Place 1 vs. Group B Place 2
– MATCH 2: Group A place 2 vs. Group B Place 1
Then Final will be between MATCH 1 and MATCH 2 winners and third place decider between the losers.

Pick Process:

CLA vote their map > Map is played > RVSF vote their map > Map is played > result: 2/0 – 1/1 – 0/2 > Points updated
Every map will be played with /halftime ON to ensure the most fair and competitive tournament.
The tournament will happen from 27.12.2015 to 29.12.2015.
The 30.12.2015 is for the award ceremony and we hope to get many players, to play some funny rounds of Hide and Seek or Zombie Mode. There we will end our tournament with having fun together.

The whole organizing crew wishes you a merry Christmas !
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Nice :)
When will we know the groups?
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