Can we take TYD servers off the MS?

This was submitted two years ago, no response:

Yeah, you read that right. Two years. The server is not being maintained.
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So take a server off because it doesn't have your clan members on its whitelist? If we did that I could remove some "popular" ones too.
Pwnage is playing more now and you can find him on TyDs IRC pretty often, so try to contact him there.
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Not because it doesn't have my clan members. I posted on their forum TWO YEARS ago. You'd think that they would check their own servers and blacklists forum, because, you know, it's on their website. Every other server owner (f0r3v3r, xrd, BoB,, unbreakable) I have ever had whitelist problems with responded within, say, a week or two. It's not because it doesn't have MY clan members on its whitelist.

Read what stef wrote, DD:

"Yes, you have to properly maintain your server, for example, check uploaded content, update existing content and yes, check, if provided content is properly working."

"Yes, you have to continuously keep maintaining your server. Read the log files, check if everything is working as desired, check, if updates are available, check your inbox, if someone tried to contact you..."

Maybe TyD should consider reading its own forum?

That being said, I'd be interested in knowing what other popular server owners fail to respond after 2 years....
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Either they forgot about their forum, they died for an unknown reason, went missing out of the blue, or don't read their messages often.

You have to think about these reasons. 99% of the time, people don't often check their messages.
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And here people keep saying AC doesn't draw any new players...
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(14 Nov 15, 06:01AM)+f0r3v3r+ Wrote: And here people keep saying AC doesn't draw any new players...

I don't understand...?
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can we take you off the MS instead?
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(14 Nov 15, 08:34AM)Undead Wrote: can we take you off the MS instead?

Oh boy, here we go again... -__-

Does Undead even get warnings, or bans even?
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Please contact again directly with the server owner (pwnage), as mentioned above. TyD servers were offline long time, several weeks ago returned.
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