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Hi, a lot of you may know me, some of you may not, but for everyone i say Namaste, i'm jAcKRoCk* i'm a memeber of the DES clan, and i've been playing again for quite some time now, you see, i love this game, and i love to play it, but sometines we have some players that don't quite get the idea of play fair, anyways, i want to ask to the server owners if there's any of you reading:

Can you please give me admin so that i can do something other than to see my votes get lost in the limbo?

if so i will love you more.

So yeah Namaste fellow cubers :)
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Maybe add the specific server(s) you play on? Or you want to rule all of AC and have admin on every single server?
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Asking for admin right off the bat is a little suspicious.
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(29 Oct 15, 01:52AM)BluffCreek Wrote: Asking for admin right off the bat is a little suspicious.

DES is a pretty reputable clan in AC. If I owned any servers, I'd give him admin.
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How come there's no "No" in your poll :/
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Trionkali called a vote: Kick DES|jAcKRoCk* for "attempted admin abuse"

f1 = yes || f2 = no
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i mostly play on the U| servers and the weed lounge one, i'm allready trying to enter their forums but looks like no one is home, i'm not an admin abuser, i've been admin on serveral servers TyD and HI SKILL servers included, so yeah, nevermind.

and there's not a NO option because i'm adorable.

EDIT: Can an admin close this please? Thank you <3
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