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Minor Announcement
So as people have probably noticed, I've been busy enough that HoeHunter has had to take care of things on the ACWC end. I think that it's around finals time and it will still be a bit before I have time to manage stuff again, until further notice, HoeHunter takes over my position on the ACWC team. Please direct all inquires/complaints/etc to him.

I apologize for the inconvenience.
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Who's HoeHunter? xD
Thanks given by: CharlyMurphie , Million
I heard he was some creepy ass dude, idk him
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Damn tis a pity. I heard he was the Captain of that badass American team that crushed the ACWC Finals... must've been mistaken.
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I heard he treats women with dignity.
Thanks given by: RikPik , yopa , HoeHunter , Nightmare