Exile Unit has been closed
Exile Unit was created on the 18th of April, 2010 by Cactus and Newt.
The application process is simple;
  1. Apply at http://xuclan.co.cc/ and register and then create a thread in the "Applications" section of the forums.
  2. Get tested.
  3. Get 6 F1's from the active members.

We have 12 members at the moment:



Red: Leaders
Green: Mods
Blue: Members
Grey: Inactive Members

Our IRC channel is #xuclan on GameSurge.

Most of our members play on whatever server they like the look of, with {TyD} ones being a favourite.
Other clans, be sure to register on the forums and challenge us to a clan match. ;)

Thank you,
Xu|Orynge A.K.A. Xu|Yttrium

NOTE I: Yes, it is formatted similarly to our old thread with updates.
NOTE II: Our first thread was locked, so we decided to make a second one.
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Xu clan is ready for any applications, as stated
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Xu| is back. We've picked up Brisky (a.k.a. Cr0w), and iNoob., as well as getting Lightning back.
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you stole iNoob from ~TgS~ :P. Joke, hope have fun with your new members :DD
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GL man, seems like you guys have always been around but its only been a few months. Time goes really slow when you play AC.
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Welcome back Tr1x!
After a period of inactivity, Tr1x13 has shown his face again amongst the Xu forum dwellers. Welcome back man!

Found here.

Yes, I probably will start posting member changes and other major news here.
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In-Game Name: aballsack
Email Address: [email protected]
How long have you played AC for? 1-2 years
How often do you play? Well I'm a student now but ill play alot during the holidays.
What country do you live in? Singapore
What connection are you on? erm I'm not really sure about this
What are your in-game strengths? I'm kinda good at CTF, KTF, LSS, HTF. I suck at OSOK though. But what I'm really good at is PF.
What made you want to apply for Xu? Well I'm kinda interested in clans and I've always liked Xu.
Are you familiar with forums, IRC etc? Not really I just joined actually
Have you been in another clan before? Nope
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1) Please do that on out forums

2) You will not get in with in game name like that.
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In case some forum-goers don't know yet, Castiel has quit and has been accepted into |eR|, and DrauL has quit for a second time due to to real life interfering (again).

ausD is still running, but apparantly it will be down for a little bit.

We wish our two departing members the best in life.
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So there's only one original member of Xu?
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You mentioned Azure twice.

@Jack: Tr1x is original.
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Where did Footlong go? :(
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lol aballsack is perfect for Xu!
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Glad to see Xu hasn't quit in my absence :D
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titi: I don't know. He has disappeared in the same strange way as Unharmed.

Mai: It was sad to hear that you had left, good luck for the future. :)
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Does nobody have his contact?
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We'll look into that, titi.
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I miss Footlong :(
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(26 Jan 11, 11:30PM)Orynge Wrote: We'll look into that, titi.

Thanks ory :)
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Orynge Wrote:Green: Officers

there is no officers
ADD MEH as officer :D

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There has been a change of structure at Xu.

There is a new type of Xu member: The Recruiter.
They are basically the head recruiters.
Although it doesn't say, Cactus is also a recruiter.
Their votes are worth slightly more than the other Xu members, including RikPik and I.

Read the full changes HERE.

Also, today is our 10 month milestone. :D
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fuaaar we recruiting again!! get in for a new more powerful and active Xu (with the same level of awesomeness as before)
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Awesomeness? I thought Kell already got dibs on that......
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Xu is undergoing big changes. We want to get rid of inactive members and fill the gap with active one's who got a certain level of skill and play the game on a regular basis. The application process lasts longer and will be more in depth. Applicants have to meet the following requirements:

  • Most important, we're looking for friendly players (nice attitude, mature).
  • From now on, activity plays a big role as well and we're looking for people who play the game 3+ times a week.
  • The biggest change takes place in relation to skill. Applicants will be tested by several members so that we can judge about your current skill and potential.
  • Besides, a good command of English is needed.

Xu is not one of the best clans in AC. We're very friendly and enjoy having clan matches from time to time. We do not care so much about losses, most important is to have fun and improve teamwork and gameplay.

Note: Before you are able to make an application you need to register and write an e-mail to either [email protected] or [email protected] so that your registration is confirmed. That might take a day or two. We had a problem with spambots, that's why registration is like this.
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Someone needs to tell Cactus that im getting those registration emails >.>
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hey aight!
i'm app-ing to |Xu.
HF and GL everyone
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Footlong could come back soon. :D
Check the site for info. :)


Roster + Myke - Tr1x = New roster.
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psst V-Man, lock this thread.
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