Server with abusing admins and gameplay affecting modifications
I would like to report "gema central" because of abusing admins. There is a player named 'Fred', maybe you heard of him. He is a heavy troll and the server owner gave him a moderator password, which is pretty much the same like admin on normal servers (can kick or ban people). Fred spams and also abuses his moderator rights. Then there is tm, the server owner. I asked him to remove Freds password, he doesn't care about that. He says that he doesn't allow bind on his server, for that reason he bans people, but he has no proof that they do use bind and I experienced that he can't detect it very well. He banned me too despite I don't use bind. Also |HP| is admin on that server, he should ban people with abusing behaviour, he saw the heavy spam of Fred and didn't ban him. I cannot remember that he ever banned an abusing / trolling player. There is no excuse for such a behaviour of an admin. Also the server has gameplay affective modifications. It has autokick (disconnect reason: packet flood) and the flags reset when you drop them.
btw : Parks gema server ( has instant pickup respawns, which is gameplay affecting too in my opinion. It also uses flag reset on drop. Fad gema servers have flag reset as well and Silvercloud gema server has autokick.
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Why you mad ?
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FaD gema ftw
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Since you mention me.... 

You know you look like a little spoiled baby with all that crying?

I will only say a few things: 

1. We do not tolerate cheaters, I dont care if you cheated for fun (which you didnt).

2. So you are telling me that fred has mod and that i didnt want to ban him with my mod status? Why do you think that is? Also, you know how trolling works! You are also a troll! He would come back with vpn and troll even more. I got admin password only yesterday.

So you are just a cheater,troll and a crybaby. You are the last one who should be complaining about fred.
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Nice try, but you should know that your "insults" don't work on me. I said it is an unacceptable behaviour for an admin, what I am not but you are actually. I really expected that you would come up saying that I am a troll and a cheater, and try to make yourself looking better than you actually are. Why did you get admin if you refuse to ban cheaters / trolls, just because they come back? I told you that IPs are blacklisted for a whole day or even longer if you ban them. You don't think even the worst troll will run out of IPs after a short while? Also their motivation to come back reduces once they see that they are banned immediately on reconnect.
I didn't want to ask you to in the first place but after that answer I can't hold back. If you don't want to ban abusers, you could at least do one thing for the gema community : Leave the game! You are the one who brought Fred back because you two are best friends or something like that. It might not have been your intention but once he saw that you are back he came back too. You said you play because you are bored. You know what? I don't believe in that! I think it is because you can't hold your addiction to this game back, even while playing other online games that you talked about in your annoying "public chats". It seems my first impression of you was correct, I shouldn't have changed my opinion but at least I can learn from this fault. There is no need to discuss this specific topic any further, this post is not about admins who don't care about anyones game experience but their own. Maybe someone can close this thread, I see there is nothing good coming from the answers given to this thread.
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