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[Main Event] UK vs fra a/ger
Hello, I know your game hasn't been played yet but just for the sake of organising things and getting stuff sorted as soon as we can:

Times we're available (after your game):

- Sunday 19th, 10pm-1am gmt
- Tuesday 21st, 2:30-4pm gmt
- Saturday 25th (probably), times are negotiable
- Sunday 26th, times are negotiable

Out of all of these times, we would prefer (and therefore propose) Sunday 26th at 3pm GMT, which would be 5pm in both french and german timezones. If this date is not suitable for you, please suggest another even if it's not from the list above and we'll discuss amongst ourselves to see whether or not it would be viable.

After last week's dispute with Brazil, we also feel obliged to remind you that the default matchdate (I'm using the date meant for the default finals matchdate since you're playing after the default matchdate we're supposed to use) is 3pm GMT on Saturday 25th. We would ideally like to reach an agreement on a time that suits us both well, however if that's not the case, please keep this time in mind. We don't want more games to go unplayed.
Thanks given by: starix/A/ , Orynge
Weekend is preferable
Thanks given by: yopa
you're fra b m808
Thanks given by: Nightmare
good, your dates sucked for me
Thanks given by: Nightmare , Orynge
25/26th in the afternoon would be fine for us.
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(18 Jul 15, 10:10PM)Million Wrote: 25/26th in the afternoon would be fine for us.

nice. we probably can make the 25th, but we would highly prefer the 26th since we can confirm we'll have people available.
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Ok I just got your maps set up. The map is outpost and mines is the tiebreaker. Get back to me with a date asap
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Im very confused about why some maps who have already been played are still in the map pool.
why not adding some map variety? acwc is kinda like an event people watch and i think more diiferents maps should be played. my2cents

twice power, twice ingress, twice outpost. plz explain
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(20 Jul 15, 10:51PM)Halte Wrote: twice power, twice ingress, twice outpost. 

twice mines too
Thanks given by: Halte
Sorry, I wish I could change the way the maps were chosen. I just had a random number generator select the map from Mousikos's set round 3 map pool
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The issue isn't that, the issue is that they shouldn't be in the map pool after being played, at least until there's a shortage of maps remaining and/or most viable maps have been played already
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Why don't you remove all the maps that have been 'played' (lainio).You get this list:
More variety more fun.
Thanks given by: Orynge
We're fine with maps :)
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(21 Jul 15, 10:59AM)RikPik Wrote:

I am so ready for another depot final.
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<02:15:58> "HoeHunter": aight so mousikos wanted me to change the maps for your game and came up with sunset and gothic for tb

not sure when/if this was getting posted here but yeah
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sunset was already played (by us). not that i dont wanna win it twice but you know, some other official maps could be played too.

gothic as definitly been played by fra B. also twice gothic in round 3?

But i will play whatever the map is. im ok with outpost, and sunset. i might also suggest arabian or depot :)
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If you want to remove all maps that have been played we should redo the veto no ?
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Just fyi, we veto'd depot and power, and France A veto'd shine and desert3.

I would have accepted outpost/mines, which was the original decision, even though I think outpost shouldn't even be in the pool and we've already played mines.
However I'm not gonna hide the fact that I'm extremely happy it's been changed to sunset/gothic, since I believe they are both viable maps for competitive play and are actually somewhat fun. There aren't enough maps in the pool to make sure that no map doesn't get played twice (this becomes more difficult with the community poll to remove a map and also each team getting vetos), there will have to be repeats at some point and I think since neither of us have played gothic before, and only two of your Fra players have played sunset before (and as a tb map), I do believe this is a totally fair decision.

However, if you want to redo the vetos (and the admins agree), I'm ok with that. But I'm fine with things as they are personally.
Thanks given by: HoeHunter
Do you know what "random" means?
If the same map is taken every round we should play it
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First of all, why did Mousikos want to change maps ?
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<02:19:02> "青過於藍": We had to rechoose the maps due to, uh, certain errors.

I would imagine the errors are not removing the maps both teams had previously played before (I guess he isn't counting sunset because it wasn't played in your "official" game) when our two maps were picked the first time. If you want to do the veto process again, try and arrange something with the admins. I'm kinda surprised you're not happy outpost is gone though. :P
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Well we don't really care about the map since we don't plan on training for the match, was just wondering why he changed the map ^^
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If you guys want to re-veto its fine with me I guess. Talk to me about a time or whatever and we can get stuff figured out. As vanquish said though, I'm surprised you aren't happy that we selected more interesting, competitive maps for your game.
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<20:13:21> "Million": io
<20:13:21> "Million": My mates doesn't care about redoing the veto thing
<20:13:27> "Million": we're fine wit hthat
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<21:13:52> "[vanquish] (∩`-´)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚": oki
<21:13:53> "[vanquish] (∩`-´)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚": :)
<21:13:54> "[vanquish] (∩`-´)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚": sounds cool
<21:13:59> "[vanquish] (∩`-´)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚": we're good with sunset/gothic too
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Ok so sunset and gothic it is. Be sure to get back to me with a match time, or the match will be played at the default time of 15:00 GMT on July 25th
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(18 Jul 15, 10:32PM)Vanquish Wrote:
(18 Jul 15, 10:10PM)Million Wrote: 25/26th in the afternoon would be fine for us.

nice. we probably can make the 25th, but we would highly prefer the 26th since we can confirm we'll have people available.

This. 26th, afternoon (2-3pm GMT +1 maybe?)
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I think Edward won't be available the 26th (work), I'll ask him to confirm.
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will be here if needed
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Awesome. So 2pm: GMT +1 (3pm: GMT +2 for you guys). Lego
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