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[Main Event] 3rd place match vs NL
Hi to whoever we have to play, i guess someone will edit this once opponent is known.

I'm back on from holidays the 30th so we should play the game somewhere around then aight?
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We can play this week end or after the 1st of september, holidays ..
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will be a must watch game ! Hope quico will ref
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If by this weekend you mean 1-2 august then yeah, i guess that would work for me at least, have to ask my mates tho
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Na this week end is today
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Don't blame your loss because of quico. He reffed well, and did what any ref would do. Edward, you're just a wanker.

[Image: jorwfm9.jpg]

[Image: 7mEjbEY.jpg]
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wow, Edward is already crying, gg UK :D
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I am probably availeble the 2nd of august but I wont be completely sure cuz those traffic jams slow me down.
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What is the map ?
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(26 Jul 15, 06:57PM)Million Wrote: Na this week end is today

Bad troll or blind, not sure
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Ok since we are getting into the finals and 3rd place matches here are the rules for picking maps. Each team gets to select a map and side of their choice. For choosing the tie breaker each team eliminates one map at a time, and the cycle completes until only one map is remaining. If each team captain can PM me their specified map that would be great. Also, a time needs to be set in which we can eliminate maps from the tie breaker pool.
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So flags doesn't matter, the one who win 2 maps win right ?
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is it possible for both teams to lose?
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Why we changing the system
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Yes, the score is counted in map wins now instead of flags. No, it is not possible for both teams to lose as we have a tiebreaker map as well.
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(27 Jul 15, 02:41PM)Marti Wrote: Why we changing the system
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Just want to do something special for the finals. By earning a spot in the finals the acwc team felt we should reward you with letting you pick a map
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It has to be smth from the map pool tho right?
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(27 Jul 15, 06:09PM)Marti Wrote: It has to be smth from the map pool tho right?

no all official maps are allowed according to hoehunter
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hewwego, tlss ac_desert
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I need to talk to both team captains (marti and million) so we can discuss your map picks and do the veto procedure for the tie-breaker
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Thanks given by: Million , Cemer , Halte , Honor , Oracle , ReDBuLL , Sanzo''
Still have no idea why we have to tell you the map. Surprise votes are more fun m9
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The tiebreaker will be shine
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(30 Jul 15, 08:00PM)Million Wrote: The tiebreaker will be shine

Can confirm
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We play at 8pm GMT +2 today
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There's a chance I'll be back in time to ref, not sure tho
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Any1 there to stream?
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sanzo could have streamed
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