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Follow the AKIMBO link to download. The map is playable in every mode and offers very fast gameplay in Flag modes while Arena modes have a tactical touch.

Enjoy! :)

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Great map, looks lovely. Imo it'd be a bit too small for 3v3's, but I guess that's all about personal preferences. Already played it in pubs and it was fun. Looking forward to play more on it.
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I ran through the map briefly, and I'd like to say I really like your taste. I like the distribution of the mapmodels and the overall spacing – specially the room with the water. I also enjoyed seeing the path in the middle that "cuts" the map in half (from the port room to the other side of the map) where you have access to all the map's routes; I think that will allow for fun gameplay. However, I'm not sure if I like the skymap, there seems to be various planets/moons and it gives the map an exotic sc-fi atmosphere, which I feel is not relevant.

Anyhow, it's just a matter of me playing it, but from what I saw it's a great map and it's very aesthetic. I look forward to play it, congrats.
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<3 it, really nice
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I think the skymap is sickkkkk
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Nice one!
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more of a visual issue: from the angle in the first screenshot some parts of the map are covered by the skymap. that sucks.

[Image: fp4oimxk.jpg]

[Image: h8xe6m56.jpg]

besides that very nice map.
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Nice map.... also that wagon model has always been laggy for me. If it was made by someone recently, Cleaner would have told them to lower the poly count. (800+).
To compare: Its like 4 sharks or 2 new dumpsters.
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ac_inferna aka (ac_sylang+apollo_castle)/sqrt(2)

nice map btw
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I updated the package, mainly fixing kleinkarierts issue and some clipping!

Thx for all the good replies! :)
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please update it on akimbo (if you think you did, no, you didn't ;) )
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I thought so ... Will fix it tomorrow :s thx for the notice!
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Dude, wonderful map, keep it up! :D
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Yah its really good, I like the overall theme and tone you were trying to achieve. It reminds me a lot of apollo_castle which is a map I adore.

I do think that the lights are a lot better than they were in the original you showed me, but I think they can still be fixed up to be a little bit better(still seem little monotone to me). Also with the area with the water, it does look a little strange with the wall texture of the skymap. Where the stairs are next to the rock..maybe you can extend the rocks and make them little bigger. Similar to cliffs like on ac_mines for example and add clips I think that would help with the look of that particular area. Also maybe pick-ups could be fiddled around with, i'm not sure how the map plays so they could be great, just some seem weirdly placed to me.

Overall great map!!
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I think I got it updated to the right version now ! (hopefully it worked)
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