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Interest in a New Zealand team.
Could I interest anyone in a team?

I know there was talk of a squad last year, but it didn't pan out (I'm looking at you RK).

Anyone keen?
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Well, you could try getting Draul, I guess.
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and fate(?)
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Keegs has been around, maybe he could join
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Steal Feng from AUS?

You can always ask RK :p
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(12 Jun 15, 04:13AM)Orynge Wrote: Well, you could try getting Draul, I guess.

Draul's signed up for AUS too. :/
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this is lovely banter
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I seriously doubt that Draul agreed to play with Undead.
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I'll ask around :) Feng and I both have exams right now, but I'll see if I can catch up with him to see if he's interested.
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I might be able to play (this is hugs btw)
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Keegs didn't seem overly keen when I asked if he wanted to play.

We could perhaps have enough people to make a second Oceanic team, but roster lock is tomorrow so we'll have to get a move on.
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Yeah maybe some nz players could play for an aus b team, or make an Oceania team
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has Gurung U| North London
Syntax w00p Ocean
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Hey can i join the nz team and my friend!
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London isnt even slightly near NZ starix..
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k marti,
I can play for Asians , after I smoke one ganja of the good, I stay with eyes downcast, is possible AHAH :)(:
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(19 Jun 15, 01:58PM)starix/A/ Wrote: k marti,
I can play for Asians , after I smoke one ganja  of the good, I stay with eyes downcast, is possible AHAH :)(:
Hi Starix, you are no longer eligible to play in ACWC this year. Despite the fact that you have been insulting and flaming people during the course of sign-up, I have tried to work with you. I talked with the ACWC team and it was decided, not just by me, that we cannot allow you to sign-up for a non-brazillian team. Despite that, you have ignored that and said that I have given you approval to sign up for Argentina. You then post a protest thread and wrongly accuse me of editing your poll. Then, you come here and post a racist post.

To put it bluntly, you are no longer welcome here. Please stop posting here.
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Flint are you going to join the NZ team? because my friend is really good ! i think you, keegs and him would make a good combo... i'll just stay sub! if keegs is up for it???? Ask him pls! #IWantNZINTHIS
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ok flint should be able to play between july 3-8 and 11 onwards
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Yay so your going to be in the team??
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yeah bro can play in the dates i said above
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yup starts from 4th july can you make it on that day?
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I'd be happy to play on a NZ/Oceania team (this is very tentative atm, internet may not be a huge issue for me, but voice comms might be, but I'm working on that). So I do hope I'm not too late. I can most likely play though.
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let starix okay
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Signups closed?
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Hmmm, oh well. I wonder they'll make an exception to get a 16th team (scheduling will be easier with 16 than with 15).

Probably not. RIP ACWC dreams.

Ok, so on the off chance we might be able to get a team in late.

The roster looks like:
Me (sub, unless keegs fails big time and you want someone better)
Josivo (other sub, he said maybe in the thread).

Are people mentioned here happy to play?
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The custom map CTF is in sign-up phase, so you can sign up for that, I guess.

Also, they do have 16 teams now that Russia has signed up.
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Was Russia confirmed though? With 1cap's new rule Fred's ineligible :/ (as is undead but that's another story)

Also isn't flint an AUS sub?
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