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[Main Event] Match Schedule.
Match dates: July 4, July 11, July 18, July 25

Match Times are determined by who's playing:
Americas v Americas: 20:00 GMT
Americas v Asia: 15:00 GMT
Americas v Europe: 20:00 GMT
Americas v Oceania: 01:00 GMT
Asia v. Europe: 15:00 GMT
Asia v. Oceania: 15:00 GMT
Europe v Europe: 15:00 GMT
Europe v Oceania: 11:00 GMT

You may petition for a different time, but you must petition at least one week before the desired game date. Matches may not be postponed for more than one week. If teams cannot agree on the time, the default time slots above will be used.
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Just FYI most americans can't play on the 4th of july
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I realize. I'm American. You will be able to petition for a different date.
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