How to keep map config files compatible with future versions of AC
The current dev version (and therefore any future release versions) treat quoted strings in cubescript differently than older AC versions: any text within double quotes ("") is checked for special character sequences - and if any of those are found, they are converted before the strings get used. Those special character sequences all start with a backslash. With that encoding, future cubescript scripts can use colors in strings without any hassle:

echo "\f3red text" will output red text


echo \f3red text will output \f3red text

This will not have any effect on most scripts or map config files. However, if you used backslashes to separate paths (of map models and textures) and have those paths in double quotes, those paths will no longer work.

To fix that, you have to either remove the quotes or (preferably) substitute the backslashes with forward slashes. A config file changed in that way will then work on current and future AC versions.

does not work: mapmodel 0 0 0 0 "boeufmironton\handrails\fasten_ground_x4"

does work: mapmodel 0 0 0 0 "boeufmironton/handrails/fasten_ground_x4"
also works: mapmodel 0 0 0 0 boeufmironton\handrails\fasten_ground_x4
also works: mapmodel 0 0 0 0 boeufmironton/handrails/fasten_ground_x4

Also, you need to make sure, that filenames of media files and maps only contain the characters A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and "_-.()". Spaces are not allowed!

PS: it goes without saying, that you have to convert the paths of map models to the 1.2 format. You should expect future AC versions to refuse to load unconverted map config files. If you have unconverted mapmodel slots in your config, but those slots are not used, you can use future versions of the map editor to remove all unused config lines.
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