admin abuse
my thread was closed before discussion could occur

its not simply enough to "contact server owners" to get something done, as in 99% of circumstances, nothing will get done, because the people who run the servers really couldn't give a shit if admin powers are being abused.

so, maybe these server owners need a little bit of motivation.

maybe whoever runs the master-server should think of a way of enforcing discipline on servers that perpetuate admin abuse. just a thought.
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For my servers at least I pull any abusive admin pass the second I see the abuse. I am motivated by the prospect of keeping my servers popular and fun, as people will not go to servers with abusive admins. Idk about other server owners but I try and maintain my servers in order to provide a service for the ac community
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Yeah the server owners obviously don't give a shit if they're doing things like this. Anyway what is the point of "Servers will be banned from reporting to the Master Server ... if they are noted by multiple AC forum users as being undesirable in some way, eg. constant offensiveness/abuse by admins." ( ), if we are just going to lock threads like this because you can just "Contact the server owners" ( )?

Sure, server owners can do whatever they want with their servers, but we need to be able to document and discuss these things and decide as a community which servers to keep around, or if AC staff won't do anything, we can at least make it known which servers to avoid and maybe give the bad ones enough exposure that their admins are pushed to do something about it.

Besides, even if it seems useless, why not let the thread exist, why not let the discussion go on? What do you think is going to go wrong?
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(06 May 15, 10:13PM)vonunov Wrote:  What do you think is going to go wrong?

Stef will get mad and give warning points to people for shitty reasons
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The bans are often based on personal feelings. Nobody has time/right to judge them. The important is AC hasn't any major blacklist as in the past, it keeps a diversity in server offer. One admin hasn't power to ban you on all major servers. (except central cheaters) If you are banned on one server, you can still enjoy AC. And the players without blacklist entry can choose between server with your presence or not.

The server owners want the players on their servers. Their blacklist can be the major weight for creating offer. So keep them their tool but protect the diversity of server offer.

In my experience the blacklist is often used as defensive tool. If you troll me , I wouldn't resist to blacklist you. AC forum used as revenge tool isn't solution, often true is more complex, you should get over it.
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Perros isn't even remotely suitable to be an admin. It's been discussed so many times and this is probably the last thing I'll write about it, but I don't care about the fact I'm banned from the aCKa servers, I care about the principle behind my ban. In 15 seconds I could access one of around 80,000 IPs and just play there like nothing's happened if I wanted to. I care about this because people are allowing him to have the power to be a senseless douche with a blacklist based on utter insanity and the defamation of his ego, and the principle of an admin being able to ban people he doesn't like (how I wish this was limited to just my case) for literally no reason or totally random ones (and then being completely unable to discuss the bans with the people in question due to his non-existent english skill) isn't one we should be encouraging, at all.

I'm sure if a totally new player started playing AC and running servers the way Perros does, admins would immediately react (or I'd hope so). The reason Perros is tolerated is because he's recognised, he's literally worked his way into the community like a growth or a tumour, and he needs to be removed along with his servers and any sense of authority the community are giving him.

EDIT: did I post this in the wrong thread by mistake?
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one of the first posts i ever read on this forum when i was a new player fresh in 1.1 was how PERROS was unfit for admin responsibilities

that was 4 years ago

i know it may be shorter than the time of others here but i think 4 years and/or more of constant complaints with nothing done about it should be changed, or else you will have some new unarmed come and post the same shit in 2019
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(06 May 15, 10:54PM)Marti Wrote:
(06 May 15, 10:13PM)vonunov Wrote:  What do you think is going to go wrong?

Stef will get mad and give warning points to people for shitty reasons

yeah, that is probably one of the issues with banning servers out for admin abuse. if you allow for people to exert complete control over the system then you can effectively just ban out servers for whatever small reason under the pretext of admin abuse, thus constituting an even greater abuse.

for example, if i was in a position to ban out all FrT servers following that ban, i would have a minimal reason to do so. i would also be able to minimize the opinions of the minority that have the capability to criticize the reason through banning and providing reasons that are heavy on rhetoric but still don't justify my actions at all. which is exactly what stef likes to do.

hence, you would either need someone like jamz (but with the key personality difference in a willingness to take action) or you would need to allow some mechanism of community control over the banning of servers with regard to admin abuse. 

i firmly believe we need to reverse the idea that pervades here which holds that admins can just do whatever they want, when really they shouldn't be able to, at least if you want to improve AC's atmosphere.

i don't think you're going to really get anywhere focusing on perros btw, he is the most obvious offender, but hardly the only one.
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where and when I have banned myself. years that I have not seen you ?..........
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PERROS AWAKENS FROM HIS SLUMBER... Muhahahahahaha! He is here to deal all you treacherous morlocks the Bananaramhammer of Justice! Prepare to be smited by the smithy!
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edit: ffs MK
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Hmm... I agree. Yours is way simpler. Kudos Maestro Martini.
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PERROS, contesta mis pms que te deje el año pasado.
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