Dear Server Owners....
It will be very nice if you let me grabs the demo from your server.

There was the hacker on your server named "Syfaro". He kept flying all over the map. He knew about the cheat and brags he is unkickable. He got kicked out for being afk. Thanks to this server, I doesn't know about his ip and I doesn't have proof he is cheating.

PLEASE keep at minium 3 demos or if you are saving demos in other places, AT LEAST POINT WHERE IT IS!


The cheater hunter, Bugboy1028
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The servers at this point are:

|UF| Servers
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Also, The hacker was spotted in this server ( |UF| server ) which causes me to remind other servers it is important to have some demos on the server.
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My demos are all avaliable at, and depending on which server you were on
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Yeah, if a server doesn't keep demos for download they probably make them available on their website. I do that I believe.
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This guy is at last captured. I memorized it wrong. It's Sythos

(04 Mar 15, 06:48PM)Trionkali Wrote: // Name: Sythos

// Date: 4/03/2015 
// Reason: Speedhack, Jumphack
// Proof:
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As for the |UF| server demos, they actually are just not available on several of our servers.  |UF|Truck and I are trying to solve the problem with some help from BugBoy and a few others, but we havn't solved it yet.  Sorry for the trouble!

Demos are currently unavailable from these servers: |UF|GameRoom, |UF|GameRoomCTF, and |UF|Public Match (1).

They are available on |UF|Public Match 2 and |UF|Private Match.

If anyone has any suggestions, let us know.  We are currently using the ACIRC bot server from Cunin.  I hope that is not the cause of the problem, but perhaps it is.

EDIT: Demo recording has been fixed.  After all of that effort, Truck found he was missing an empty folder, "demos" from his install.  Demo recording now works on all of our servers.
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It is quite easy to save demos and put them on a webserver. Just use the command line argument and mount the directory to your /var/www or whichever directory your webserver is using
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Or serve them up using python and Tornado =)
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(18 Mar 15, 01:56AM)+f0r3v3r+ Wrote: Or serve them up using python and Tornado =)

You inverted minutes and hours
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Oh never would we switch an H and M accidentally... >_>
Look again! >;D
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Oh wow/
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