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To: 1Cap
So, 1Cap, instead of banning Brazil, how would you deal with this?


He gets a new IP address almost every day. There is one from SE and one from FR but the rest are all BR.


I certainly do not agree with cheaters. This is obvious. You can not question me about it.

You can not block cheaters. You can not block all VPN's, is not it?

You could try to block VPN's without blocking all Brazilian players.

But no, you acted stupidly and aggressively.

You did it to buy your entry in BOB clan. You sold your soul.
You helped destroy the reputation of a clan and your reputation too.

Also you put Jamz and the project in an exhibition situation.

It was demonstrated that the project is not partial. Works by excusos and personal interests.
Live with it. And your clan too.

Mousikos, Arya and BoB clan are xenophobic and this project is doubtful, at least.
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You know, I did not and do not support banning all Brazillians. I asked you privately to help me come up with a solution because I trusted your judgement. I do not want to ban all Brazillians. I wanted your help to help ban one cheater. I've been working on banning VPNs. You know more about Brazillian internet than I do. I did not act stupidly and aggressively because I was not the person who banned Brazillians. Here, I'll quote you: http://forum.cubers.net/thread-7832-post...#pid155521

So please tell me where I acted stupidly and aggresively. Please tell me how I bought my way into my current clan.
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If it started in PM, leave it there.
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