Possible hacking: Xtrem Warriors forum
Due to an anonymous tip and odd account behavior, we suspect accounts registered to the -xW- (Extreme warriors) clan forum site may have had their passwords compromised (i.e. their -xW- forum account was hacked and they happened to use the same password on this forum). We have taken action by resetting the passwords on accounts we think may have been affected on this forum including but not limited to -xW- clan members registered to our forum.

It is highly advised that anyone else using their clan forum that is also registered to our forum to please change your password immediately if you use the same password on the -xW- forum.
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And: Never use the same password for more than one site!
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so if your on this list it's safe to assume a man in France is masturbating to your mums Facebook photos orsumink? I used an alias when i signed up for some tourny years ago, anyway I've since added not 1 but 2 digits to my password so gl with that m8

also if anyone hacks/has a line on an old polish player called fearles PM me
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So many AC people (who left) are registered on this forum...
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