AC 1.2 _obvious_ cases of support to BL players
Groups and communities formed by trust and mutual interests.
Some AC players do not mind support cheaters and impersonators. I'm not interested by their reasons for doing so. Its not the point here.
The proposal here is to make clear who these players are. Thus we can choose not to play with who supports cheaters , impersonators, BL players, etc.
The rule is similar to the BL. Provide evidence. You need to be 100% sure.
To the start, indicate here only known players of the community. We need to know who you're talking about.
Example: Pi_1Cap're playing against feeh. Put the evidence.

This is not discrimination.
This way we will know who is hampering the work of this community to suppress cheaters and impersonators.

"This thread should be used to report who are supporting BL players.
Some short discussion may take place, but please, create a new thread in this forum if you would like to go into detail."
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How can we be 100% sure? Especially when those cheaters are almost comparable to ghosts (dynamic IP's, proxies, aliased...). Plus, most of the time, we only can provide a screenshot from the masterserver because the servers are privates, such a screenshot would not provide a sure proof, everyone can impersonate everyone.
The only way to know, is to check each proofs, to cross everyone's knowledge and logs, so the thread would be a total mess, or maybe the OP (1Cap) would constantly edit the thread post with an updated list?
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Why the heck do we even need this?
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Your post/idea is useless but in order to not to be caught in offtopic and not be reported by you for being offtopic:
Black listed cheater supporter: 1Cap
Supported cheater(s): Wagner and .Dark
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So what if I'm playing with a black listed player and I tell you that I didn't know he is a black listed player?
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(04 Sep 14, 01:32AM)ExodusS Wrote:
You can use the same features as the BL report. Photos of screen recording games (dmo) ... If the player reported here think that is not correct, he can give to us his version.
I have some ideas to keep this thread organized.
Thanks for your interest.

(04 Sep 14, 01:50AM)PhaNtom Wrote:
I do not know if you need it .If you do not need, just do not use.

(04 Sep 14, 03:14AM)TheNihilanth Wrote:
I believe this thread may be useful.
It is my understanding that Wagner and .Dark were not reported in 1.2 version of this game.
You need to understand what I wrote. Seemed clear.
Please correct your post because it is invalid.
In addition to your post to be valid it is necessary to use a material as evidence. Like i said before.
- Correct your post.
Thank you for helping me demonstrate how this thread should work.

(04 Sep 14, 03:45AM)pweaks Wrote: So what if I'm playing with a black listed player and I tell you that I didn't know he is a black listed player?
Thanks for your interest.
If you did not know about the player being BL then you do not belong to this list here.
But if someone inform you about you be playing with a BL player, look out if it's true.
There are many "clean" players to have fun. Choose them.
This is not a witch hunt. We will have the information here. So each player will get their own conclusions that.
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(04 Sep 14, 04:00AM)1Cap Wrote: This is not a witch hunt.

Is it not though?
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(04 Sep 14, 07:10AM)+f0r3v3r+ Wrote:
Ty for your concernment.
The goal of witch hunt is to then kill them.
Its just a filter here...
What each of us does with the information brought here is a private matter.
Of course, who supports the community and the game might use the information here to improve your server BL.
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How can someone know who's banned were and for what (server owners have different rules for BL'ing), besides.. some play this game for fun and don't have time or aren't in the mood for your witch-hunt.

noun historical
a search for and subsequent persecution of a supposed witch.
• informal a campaign directed against a person or group holding unorthodox or unpopular views.

"a campaign directed against a person or group holding unorthodox or unpopular views"
That's exactly what this is but OK i'll play your game..

Black listed cheater supporter: Medusa
Supported cheater(s): too many to mention
Proof: pm me
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Why do you give them so much importance ? Just let them sink into oblivion.
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Thank you for your time.
Your post can not be validated. You did not submit the necessary requirements. Evidence.
As for your text, that is your opinion. I disagree. But thanks for sharing this.

"OK ... but I'll play your game .."
This was a great demonstration of how competitive you are being. This is by far not the goal here.
I expected more, especially from a moderator of the game.
Do not be jealous.
Correct your post, it is invalid.

Some things never fall into oblivion, is not it?
We certainly understand your concern.
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We had this discussion in game a while ago, you want every cheater, tosser, tker, tag abuser, offensive idiot etc banned but it can't be done, not in this game or in any other, you can do your best but there always will be new tossers and thousands of new proxies pop up every minute so what you want is not do-able.
Now you don't only want the cheaters but also people playing with them.. that's scary.

Everyone on this forums (yes you too 1Cap) has played with cheaters (knowingly or unknowingly) and will play with cheaters again and you want a list of them?
1. How can you be sure someone knew he/she was playing with a cheater?
2. How can someone be sure there's a cheater around with all the name/IP changes
3. Is a reported cheater from 2011 still a cheater?
4. What if i'm 100% sure someone is a cheat but he was never reported?
5. What if a server owner didn't think it was bad enough and didn't BL the cheat?

So many ifs..
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(04 Sep 14, 06:14PM)1Cap Wrote: @Million
Some things never fall into oblivion, is not it?
We certainly understand your concern.

Of course they wont with threads like that..
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1Cap, your zeal and your goal is appreciated but your methods of attaining it are akin to the Salem Witch Trials. You cannot persecute players because they don't share your viewpoints regarding the length of punishment for cheaters and or attempt to curb aforementioned cheaters so-called "support" by demanding restrictions for players who have always played fair and never cheated. By the way you need to get your English checked because it damn sure is Discrimination.
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Paranoia much? God forbid that some day you happen to attain any position of power. I wonder how it would be if you ever get to be a judge: I thereby sentence the defendant to death and all of his family members to life in prison without the possibility of parole due to the support they have give him along these years!

If people were to be found guilt by association we would need one big ass motherflocker jail, dude!
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I'll be the first to admit I've played with many (hopefully) ex-cheaters. If there is reform, I don't see a need for further persecution.
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