Hello everybody :) I am happy to announce few major changes in |3i| clan.
Well, first of all, we are back (kinda) and are recruiting again. We seek for social, friendly and mature people, who would enjoy being part of our clan.

Currently, most of our clan members are inactive in this game due to real life things. But, anyway, they are still our members and we contact them, chat with them. Activity in game is not what we seek for, our main aim is to gather with nice and good people, who share same interests or not :)

Now, for the competitive players. YES, we are up to play clan matches, but its not necessary for our members. They decide if they want, or not.

Another fresh thing is our website. Our member pola made a nice user-friendly website, which have many new features and well, looks nice :)

Website: http://3i.stylebar.de/

If you are interested to join, or want us to help (like helping to make logo :P) visit our website and contact us via info given there. Currently, best way to contact is PM in AC forums or skype: arvydas1325.

Well, thats all folks. Happy fragging and cya all in game :)
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Welcome back guys :D
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Welcome back and good luck on this new journey ;)
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Welcome back! nice web page. You should add a forum. :D
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About forums, well we decided not to use one. Forums are needed when players are going to be really active in it. Else, it's just a waste of time :)
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Glad to see old clans coming back, good luck & happy fraggin'
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Nice to see you back! Really nice website!
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You missed a whole AC release, but welcome back anyway.
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Back? I mean I've seen pola and you lately. I wasn't aware 3i ever left =P
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Gl Arvy! Nice to see you back :)
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daddy etch?
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Diabolus and tomas.sk ? :O
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Really nice looking website pola! :)
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dont use haxjump!

i remember you... a lot of years ago... ;)

take care about your site, its not secure.

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Thanks to everyone :)

1Cap, what u mean by telling that it's not secure?
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(16 Jul 14, 05:12AM)Dam.white Wrote: daddy etch?

don't worry, I am here
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All hail the one and only Etch. Praise the lord
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Etch! ^_^
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no more ac_élévation plz
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nice to see the old clans rising again.

Good luck.
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(16 Jul 14, 09:31AM)Sp33dy* Wrote: Thanks to everyone :)
1Cap, what u mean by telling that it's not secure?
Start here:

if you need more details fell free to PM me.

*change more fast as you can the path to wp-admin login.
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(16 Jul 14, 07:32AM)1Cap Wrote: take care about your site, its not secure.

No account database, not an archive website, no personal/private/confidencial information, why should it be secure?
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Some time passed and our clan is improving ;) You can see us more often in game now, we play matches and have forums. So, everyone are welcome to join discussions with us in: http://3i.stylebar.de/ . Feel free to introduce yourself and show us your support :P
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Y'all on TS too?
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(25 Aug 14, 06:46PM)Marti Wrote: Y'all on TS too?

Nah. Mostly on IRC.
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(25 Aug 14, 08:30PM)al3rt Wrote: Nah. Mostly on IRC.

The Swedes have arrived in 3i :P
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is green hulkgreen?
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We havent contacted him yet, so we are not sure if its him :) He's only one from Brazil in our squad, so it has to be him or someone is using our tag
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Welcome back!
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Good luck with your !!!!!!!!!!!!SKILLED!!!!!!!!!!!! clan
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