Make a wish #2: Voting
(11 Jun 14, 03:42PM)Zarjio Wrote:
(11 Jun 14, 02:53PM)MykeGregory Wrote: 3 second time limit to change your vote?

I agree with this 100%. Sometimes you accidentally vote for the wrong option, and being able to change your vote would be really nice.

I +1 this one too.

Also, an automatic vote for a tie-breaker at the end of a tied round.
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(11 Jun 14, 12:05PM)stef Wrote: Any thoughts on the voting system?
1. Vote for new map/mode should be available only in the last minute of Match/Play.
Reason : People spam vote in the middle of the match so many times, some use it to troll in matches. Another thing, if someone is not interested in that map or mode they can join another/new server, which will help populate empty servers.
2. Kick vote should be invoked via a menu, not with "reason".
Reason : Again, players/group of players use it as a tool to troll or own the server for their-selves. Menu should consist "Hacking/cheating" and...more options could be added in future.
For team-killing I have a proposition : If player A team kill's Player B, 3 times then player B should be given the power to kick player A, via an option. If Player B doesn't respond to that option/New Player/Small Kid (who doesn't know what to do) then game would kick player A. I mean by that this should be implemented in the game code, not as a server command. If player A join that server again and team kills again, then he/she should be banned temporarily.
3. There should be a vote for arranging/shuffling players by their ping to get the fair match out of it.
Reason : If CLA has all the players with ping below 40 and RVSF has players with ping above 200 then it will be a one sided/unfair match. My condolences for RVSF...I am in tears !
4. I don't think Ban vote should be available for players.
Reason : If someone is Team killed, Killed by a hacker/cheater or trolled then they can report the convict with the demo from the game itself with all the information via a menu command, since the new game is player ID based.

Spotting Mechanics

Players use Team or public messages to tell/deceive other players about the location of enemy players (Go left, Right, Middle, Base, etc.). They have to bind it, to use it conveniently. I propose a Spotting mechanics for the new game.

How would it work : If a player is killed by enemy/enemies, he should be given a paintball kind of gun to shoot the enemy with in few seconds (it might be 5 seconds before he/she re-spawn). If he/she shoot spot the enemy, a green (bright colored) beam should be left at that position for few seconds, for the teammates to see and a voice com message would inform the teammates that enemy is spotted. A dynamic Radar would zoom to show the area between the player’s own location and the spotted area. So they wouldn’t have to worry about typing the message to the team mates, since its an important part of the strategic game-play.
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(10 Aug 16, 10:53PM)Vinayill Wrote: ...

1. This would mean we would have to play a crappy map just because it's in the maprot. No way.
2. If you can't issue a command to kick/ban you shouldn't be doing it because you likely don't know enough about the game to know if someone is hacking.
3.It's my understanding that for the most part the ping of all players combined determines latency. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. But even if I am wrong, there cannot be a fair game as far as the individual teams' combined skill level if we instead take into consideration their ping.
4.Server bans are temporary, and they should be available to every player capable of issuing the command. It's perfect the way it is. Now, if players were capable of banning players from AC altogether via a ban vote in a server, that would be different.

As far as this "spotting mechanics" thing maybe there is a problem in translation, but I find the idea that players use public messages to somehow deceive the opposing team preposterous. But even if they somehow have figured out a way to do it, it would be an intelligent and ingenious accomplishment, and by no means something we should take away from the game.
What you're talking about with the paintball thing is more of a cheat than the public audible commands, even though I'm not sure I would call it that. I would just call it silly. But you are aware that blood is on the floor of the map for a certain period of time after a death? Maybe you can play around with that on your own config if you so desire.

In short, (I do apologize for being so blunt), none of your suggestions make any sense to me at all.
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Max character limit on kick/ban reason plz
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Open up the server limits for amount of players. There are a lot of bigger maps that are very good and would greatly benefit from more people playing at the same time. We talk about the game's popularity a lot. This is a good way to start.
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