Make a wish #1: Servers
(22 Sep 14, 01:05AM)1Cap Wrote: You need to to restrain actions of hate, xenophobia and racism. But the admins of the game do not act fairly and correctly.

Language restriction is probably the most retarted feature of AssaultCube, or maybe the other well-known restriction is too. :P

By "FREE GAME" all in capslock, do you mean it costs $0.00 or just that you are supposed to do what you want with/on it?

By "hate, xenophobia and racism" the only think that could match is the fact some server owners blacklist whole world regions, this has nothing to do with devs, or maybe you mean by that, Jamz is supposed to ban those servers from the masterserver. But you also must understand, people are doing it not because they hate a specifical country or the people living in this country but because sometimes they don't want to play with/against people who live really far away from the server.
Sometimes it is pretty annoying when 85% of my opponents has around 200 ping on a server tagged as "FRA" (all in capslock), so I just wonder, if people can't read 3 fucking letters and prefer to play where they have a bad ping, why shouldn't a few servers refuse laggers? Brasil used to represent ~33% of the players number, it's not like they are very isolated from NA or like they can't fulfil a server.
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I'm thinking the game.
The basic psychology and the facts prove that act with hatred (punish people without reason) causes a counter attack.
Block all Brazilians will cause a rush for VPN's and cheaters.
It is a nonsense.
Claiming that Brazilians are cheaters, then you banish those who have an ip and maintain VPN's?
It's a stupid action. Only causes negative effects. It breeds hatred. Not solve anything.
Understand. Nothing justifies banning an entire country. Nothing, only hatred.
The project must block these servers are of disseminating hatred and prejudice.
Try to understand what I'm saying.
Even though I was very sad, I still rightly. Do not you think?
Plus - We have an autokick for hight pings...
Its not the point. Fun and respect is.
Nothing justify ban a whole country. Nothing but hate.
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(22 Sep 14, 09:15PM)1Cap Wrote: Block all Brazilians will cause a rush for VPN's and cheaters.

you say, that most brazilians would rather pay for VPN to (illegally) circumvent bans, than to just get themselves a (free) deban pass for the server? that sounds to me, like you are a little prejudiced against brazilians...

but I'm glad, you don't think, they would spend the money on a brazilian server instead ;)
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(22 Sep 14, 09:15PM)1Cap Wrote: Do not you think?

"Do you not" read?

You are the only one seeing races involved here, I think you should find a hobby instead of spending your times creating topics and issues about AC's servers, especially when there are more servers than players.
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'm Just argued. I'm not in a fight against you.
I respect all opinions.
The BoB clan could have come here in the forum and argued. We would support them. but no, they acted with hatred. Inefficiently. No valid purpose. Broke the rules of this project, this community.
You are right. I can not say that it is a struggle of races. I can put that aside. But how do you define the action to block a whole country?
And because they block only Brazil? Other countries have cheaters. USA has many cheaters. Ask Jamz.
This kind of attitude is what is destroying the game. Bad server administrators. Hate and prejudice. And maybe more things .. I can not say, but I can feel.

We need a community that spreads the respect, unity and fun.
If the server is in MasterServer and this server is public then it belongs to the whole community.
We need to look after the health of the game. This is not being done correctly. This is one reason for our problems.
I have some hobbies.
AC is one of them.
I like writing science fiction stories and bicycling.
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(22 Sep 14, 10:06PM)1Cap Wrote: But how do you define the action to block a whole country?

They blacklist countries to avoid the obvious latency, they don't "hate" the "Brasilian race" you just invented, god damn it I seriously hope you are trolling me if not you are insanely stupid.
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Brasilians can play well in those servers!
I can play good.
Im not a lagger there. Just see the pic.
Its not about lag. Its not about security. Its about hate. Unfortunately...
Already proven. Accept it.
Its very sad.

[Image: EeFZX3X.jpg]

So, my wish is that the rules that already exist be respected by servers adminis . That the admins of the project fulfill their role to curb abuses.
But this must be all done transparently for all to know what is happening.
I know that some things are done. But not enough.
I've offered myself to help in the area that I could. But I was not accepted.
I'm still trying ...
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