jamz! get your jamz here!
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(27 May 14, 08:07PM)Vanquish Wrote: Using the bind was pretty much universally accepted as cheating months ago, why does this thread even exist? Just ban the people that are idiotic enough to still do it.

these threads were so fun

bindjumping is cheating in the sense that it makes you a shitlord
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The fact is, server owners can ban whomever the f*ck they want and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it Graziano except play on other servers that accept bind cheaters. It's as simple as that and why there's an entire thread about this is beyond me.

In fact, I just grabbed your IP and banned you from my servers because of this thread, enjoy.
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It's cheating in the sense that it's coding a script that gives you some kind of advantage over other players (in this instance: removing the chance of error at performing an advanced movement skill). Edward responded to my post via Teamspeak saying that he is able to perform the bind via a macro on his keyboard without having modified his binds in game. That's fair enough, but I could also write a script that automatically shoots whenever a certain colour appears over the center of my screen, without modifying any of my AssaultCube settings. In my opinion, both are ways you can remove the chance of error when attempting to perform something, and thus users of any type of script or external program that gives an advantage in this way should be IP banned from AC.
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I tried to warn you about it numerous times.
you understand why now?

forget these servers and their problematic admins . they are very confusing and contradictory.

You're always welcome in Brazil server and Pi_ servers.
Everything is ok also in gibbed.me

Come have fun with us.
Please do not use these jumps anymore and enjoy the game!
\ 0

* 100% needed
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Yeah the fact was i don't bind cheat XRD.
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I if I got banned, and slowly when you change your ip. and I hate that people use the jump hack on public servers, because people get confused and does is say what happens here, because this jump too fast and I did not, ah one more so I kicked it, follow using the jump hack that fool.

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As a reminder:

(27 May 14, 12:10PM)Graziano Wrote: ...Fk this shit i'm out.

You also said that as long as you can "hax", you will "hax". Also saying it's not your problem when you clearly keep doing it is an issue. Did you really expect respect with a thread like this? Why would anyone want you in their servers if you continue to follow your first post. This whole things is self explanatory.
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Yeah sure I will "hax" jump in some servers because you can move faster if you do it. It also can help you climb-up high buildings or walls, boxes etc. I just trained this jump like 1 - 1.5 year ago in LSS and gema, now I use it in CTF which people don't like.. I apologize for my first thread but I just was angry about every time i was getting a good score I was immediately banned.. I know some guys who know they can hax w/o binding too, and I can learn it everyone else too.. But I learned it a long time ago, when I didn't can control the jump in games like CTF or inters they didn't say something and i haxed then too, but now I can control they strarted try to ban me?
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@Graziano man hax binding is part of the game...many pro lss players use it...the noobs voting you coz you are just pro..they just didnt know it..thats why.
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the funniest is that people who are not playing AC anymore talk about this.

Just want say something, prove it (that he use a bind) or delete the dev mistake (that is possible to bind this 'hax' jump).
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(27 May 14, 09:39PM)madcatz Wrote: Jamz is not a dev.


What's the third name on the list of devs?

Oh and if we blacklist players for weapon switch scripts, we should be blacklisting movement scripts too

Even if you did see the proof.......could you understand it?
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(28 May 14, 04:36PM)MCS Wrote: Oh and if we blacklist players for weapon switch scripts

say what?
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This thread was never going to go well from the start.
Everyone needs to move along.

[Image: police_2.jpg]

Cmon, move along.
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ajajjajajaj Draul the pacifist, listen him ;D
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The proof is the admittance.

A little humility goes a long way (irony?)


stop cheating scum, ty
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