"We don't add entries to this MS any longer"
Edit (18.09.2010): my server became registered by flowtron. :)

I just got this answer from RandumKiwi, when I asked him to register my 1.0.4 server in masterserver.

I would like to know, whether that is official attitude of development team.
If yes - why do you block registration of 1.0.4 servers? Why there wasn't any info? Why official site - http://assault.cubers.net/MS.html - "lies"?
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Almost all of these pages on this site are out-dated. How ever for the dev team, I cannot speak for them.
What makes me think this, is that 1.1 isn't mentioned, and this sentence exists "You MUST be running version 1.0.4. Servers running older versions will not be permitted."
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Give them time :)
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Fact: There are only a few servers on 1.04, but people still playing there. This afternoon there were moments with all public servers full.
[Image: captb.png]
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Slitherin got your flag!
Oh noes!
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Situation looks so, that about 10 days Brahma cleaned masterserver and removed some existing servers, like MyS, Eurozone, Billybob's, Wotan. That takes him several hours, when masterserver list was empty (btw instead of finish quickly this weird cleaning some time then he spent on ... playing AC 1.0), so most people couldn't play this version.

Now RandumKiwi says, that devs already don't add new servers to masterserver for v. 1.0 (so why were some existing servers removed?). I remind, that this masterserver needs still manual registration.

Before these events above there weren't any informations, still they aren't here.

Many players play 1.1, many 1.0, probably many both version. Not it looks, that devs want to destroy fun resulting from play favourite AC version and force people to play only their the newest version or not at all.

I remind, that registration of v. 0.93 servers wasn't turned off after v. 1.0 releasing.
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And? How long will my server blocked, forever?
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my official policy for these matters is "blame the brahma"
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