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so basically, everyone but you ? :D
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he is vanilla.
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Yeah, like I said - anyone not included in that list is tag abusing.
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thanks for posting, we were all worried
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That's a load off our mind.
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Chill out, sarcastic boys. If he'd come here posting tag abusers and complaining about direspect, you would have been saying, "Publish your clan list so server owners can whitelist the clan". Sheesh.
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That's actually not why we're being sarcastic. It's more because he was just kicked out of his clan by the other 3 leaders, and so this is a juvenile attempt to make his control "official".
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<13:55:56> "Vanilla": yep, so u cant use that name
<13:56:30> "badger^": there would not have been any clan without me (just for example) as well.
<13:57:19> "badger^": we both created a seriously good community of players. So snap out of your personal pride and get back into rows of Ax.
<13:57:30> "Vanilla": F0r3v3r goes. or i leave and take the clan name as well as members that choose to come with me.
"badger^": :10:09> "badger^": hwo dou you want to kick anyone without admin?
<14:10:13> "badger^": how
<14:10:29> "Vanilla": lol admin is just site permissions
<14:10:44> "badger^": for sure. and servers as well.
<14:11:08> "Vanilla": please listen to me
<14:11:23> "Vanilla": f0r3v3r goes or you all do
<14:11:28> "Vanilla": basically
<14:11:35> "Vanilla": i dont want to kick you
"badger^": you created a name, not a clan.
FYI : Vanilla no longer has admin on our servers or our site....He has come back from his =MyS= app without being appointed a leader and is trying to hijack the clan....
Badger is trying to get us back together while Vanilla just wants me out....
Badger was the last official leader of the clan appointed and owns the site and webhost - I run the AC servers - Vanilla's speculated host would have been through ex-blacklistee JackX - who is no longer allowed to host servers.....
Sadly this megalomaniac clusterstorm of anti-joy has made it's way to the forums - however - I apologize and ask that all of you please contemplate the ridiculousness of this situation....
Vanilla took this lapse in agreement between members to decieve several recruits and bypass accepted clan policies.
Ha also has waged an information war against us as he has deleted and modified several posts he felt were disdvantageous to his new recruiting process....
This whole list is a farce - as Vanilla has completely neglected the true wishes of the actual leader of the clan - Badger
Thanx <3
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I have no idea why this isn't locked already. Please sort this out via PMs or IRC kthx.
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Sorry, apparently, being locked out of our forums he thought he would post here....My apologies...
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(15 Dec 13, 03:53PM)Orynge Wrote: I have no idea why this isn't locked already. Please sort this out via PMs or IRC kthx.

quick glances show that, Vanilla, you don't really have much command over this clan anymore
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This thread is pretty great.
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(15 Dec 13, 03:32PM)C4rma Wrote: AC DRAMA!
The Young and the Restless lmao!
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S'cool it's sorted out.
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lol silver drama
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(15 Dec 13, 03:26PM)Storm Wrote: That's actually not why we're being sarcastic.
Wow! You weren't wrong. But, in hindsight, there really should be more threads like this.
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