Looking for new |NZ| server admins...
Looking for new |NZ| server admins to increase the amount of admins available on the servers.

You get:
* A password to admin on |NZ| servers.
* Access to the logs.
* Access to the blacklists.
* Access to Weta's special features.
* Some other "secret" stuff.

Please PM me if you're interested. If you want an admin password, but don't think you'll get it, there's no harm in PM'ing me to advise that you're interested anyway.

Players that have been around less than 3 months need not apply.

Due to the vast amounts of possible responses, I will only reply to those whom are successful. Please use "admin plz" in the subject line of your PM to make it easier for me.

Don't ask me later on if you were accepted or not, if you didn't get a reply, you weren't accepted and I won't give a reason why. Any attempts at this will be ignored.
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Note: this offer extends to those whom have been declined in the past. There are people I've declined the past which I would definitely offer admin to now.
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