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King Of The Hill (KOTH)
8 9.64%
Lock Down (LD)
10 12.05%
Conquest (CQ)
6 7.23%
Domination (DOM)
15 18.07%
Hold the Base (HTB)
3 3.61%
Base Capture (BC)
9 10.84%
Capture The Base (CTB)
10 12.05%
Regen Capture (REGEN)
7 8.43%
Control Points (CP)
5 6.02%
Strategic Regen Capture (SRC)
2 2.41%
Strategic Regen Hold (SRH)
1 1.20%
Regen Capture Domination (RCD)
1 1.20%
Key Point Capture (KPC)
0 0%
Base Grab (BG)
4 4.82%
Flag Defense (FD)
2 2.41%
Total 83 vote(s) 100%
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How the future "bases control" gamemode should be named ?
Glad to see new mod's, never heard about TKTB...
...it sounds cool!

Anyway, why not make a poll vote with all the suggestions?
For me CTB and CTP like the most of the previous comments.
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i already said there would be a poll (read the first post..)...
but i want to make sure nobody has another name to suggest
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We have already enough suggestions hehe!
Owkey, forgive me for my impatience...

About CTB, it can mean 2 differents words;
Control The Base and Capture The Base.

So, nobody can mislead with this acronyms haha!
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Regen is an important aspect of the gameplay and should not be overlooked imo.

regen capture as in sauer may be too close to home.

regeneration domination kinda has a nice ring to it.

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Homeland security "/
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(12 Oct 13, 11:31PM)Boomhauer Wrote: Homeland security "/

hahahaha this is good
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+1 to homeland security.
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if not, basecap
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ze oldschool:
team keep the base pls
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"actually, it was "TKTB", Team Keep The base (oh god :D now you know why i'm asking for ideas)"

And right up there -^^
That is what I thought of when I saw the first few replies.....KTB.....
Keep The Base or Team Keep The Base TKTB (At least put it in the poll please :D)......

I also thought Rage The Base, or Control The Base were apt for it....

But I dunno, maybe to get away from the base names, something like Control The Map might work....

Sounds like a really fun mode though for sure :D
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based god
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homeland security
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Homeland Security :D
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Shoot dem Mexicans
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Site Capture
Point Capture
Base Capture
Base Recon
Base Command
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Ward The Flag -WTF
Flag Under Control Keypoint - FUCK
Gain Entry Map Assault - GEMA
Controled Assault Map Point Energy Regeneration - CAMPER
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Now that it's mentioned, +1 to Homeland Security.
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(13 Oct 13, 09:17AM)RKTnoob Wrote: Ward The Flag -WTF
Flag Under Control Keypoint - FUCK
Gain Entry Map Assault - GEMA
Controled Assault Map Point Energy Regeneration - CAMPER

You really did your best. Didn't you?
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We can also introduce "strategic" and "regen" words.
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SRC "Strategic Regen Capture"
SRH "Strategic Regen Hold"
RCD "Regen Capture Domination"

I'm not that bothered about the mode name tbh
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Key Point Capture
Base Grab
Hold The Fort
Flag Defense
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To add to the LockDown idea (it's slightly short)

Base Lock Down - BLD

When a team 'locks down' a base point, a message or voicecom could say ' CLA/RSVF has lock downed/captured A' ( base A, B and C?)
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Basically, we got a few words to describe the mode, some are more significative than others, you can take as exemple "base", because in the mod, you are not really owning a base, it's more a zone, a flag, an objective, a site or a strategic point.

So we got those words:

Capture / Lock / Own / Control / Hold / Defend / Grab ...
Base / Site / Zone / Strategic point / Objective ...

But we got also:
Regen / Domniation / Command ...

In my opinion, the main part of this mode is about Capturing flags and Holding it, so why not Capture & Hold? (C&H)

I though about changing the flag colour to get a specific colour especially for this mod, like that we could use the new colour in the name, it's just a detail, but I think this could help to distinguish this new mode from other FFA flag modes and this could help newcomers to see the differences.
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(13 Oct 13, 03:12AM)Waffles Wrote: based god
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I'm not sure if Homeland Security works since it means something different to me and with three potential control points (one probably really belonging to the enemy) it's not really a homeland, and furthermore there shouldn't be too much emphasis on defending since the mode is about conquest and domination :/
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The Chuck Norris Mode (TCNM) :3

Now, seriously.. I like Lock-Down (LD) sound good.


Restraint The Base (RTB)
Restraint The Flag (RTF)
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Add "Secure" to the word list?

Secure the Point?
Secure the Area?
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Call it Sun, because Regen means rain in Dutch
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Zone Control
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