Summary of Mapmodels additions to v1.2
Ahead of the release here is a little teaser to everyone in general and to mappers in particular...

Since last version a few modifications have been made to the mapmodels folder significantly reducing it's size... Conversion to a lighter .md3 format, optimized compression of .jpg/.png files, new management of textures/skins getting us rid of redundant media.
The benefit of this saving allowed us to include extra content that a lot of you were asking for (sorry if we couldn't please everyone).

Please note that not all of these items are in the default_map_settings.cfg primary list, you'll also find some just underneath this list and need 'uncomment' before use (delete the two slashes //).

By Boeufmironton:
* makkE's whole "fence_chainlink" set has been redone from scratch by Boeufmironton so now the z-fighting bug is a thing of the past, they also now fit perfectly when placed side by side.

* Four new model have been added complete this set...
- "fence_chainlink_gate_down" //195 Broken gate laying on the floor
- "fence_chainlink_hor_post" //196 Horizontal fence post
- "fence_chainlink_open_gate" //197 Gate wide open
- "fence_chainlink_down" //198 Horizontal fencing

[Image: isw8Iv0.jpg]

By Toca:
- pipes/industrialpipes/horz // 144
- pipes/industrialpipes/ldwn 145
- pipes/industrialpipes/lleft // 146
- pipes/industrialpipes/lright // 147
- pipes/industrialpipes/lup // 148
- pipes/industrialpipes/vert // 149
- electric/switch // 150 Light switch, don't really work tho...
- electric/outlet // 151 Keep children's fingers away
- carbattery // 152
- antenna // 153 Huge 31 cubes high red and white antenna (careful for restrictions)
- pinboard // 154 A board to pin stuff
- ledge/1_4cbs // 155 Place these on top of walls
- ledge/2_8cbs // 156 - Clip this properly!
- ledge/3_16cbs // 157 - Clip this properly!
- ledge/4_corner // 158 - Clip this properly!
- takeoutbox // 159 Bon app├ętit!
- plasticbottles/1 // 160
- plasticbottles/2 // 161
- plasticbags/1 // 162
- plasticbags/2 // 163
- pickaxe/horz // 164
- pickaxe/vert // 165
- newspaper/1 // 166 Read all about it
- newspaper/2 // 167 Just another tabloid
- cautionsign // 168
- plants/bush // 170
- plants/smaltree // 171
- plants/grass // 172
- paintcan // 176
- droppedceiling/frame // 177 This set can make your ceiling look pretty much different than any others
- droppedceiling/tiles // 178 - Clip this properly!
- droppedceiling/single // 179 - Clip this properly!
- droppedceiling/light1 // 180 - Clip this properly!
- droppedceiling/light2 // 181 - Clip this properly!

* Introducing 'Decals', these models can be placed on top of almost any walls or floors.

- decals/manhole/1
- decals/broken/1 // Fits almost any wall textue to add some derelict effect
- decals/broken/2 // Same as the above
- decals/broken/3 // Same as the above
- decals/windows/1 // place this window anywhere at any height
- doors/1

By Cleaner:
* makkE's grates redone and are now full 3D items, no more z-fighting.
- grates/grate_hor // 39
- grates/grate_vert // 40

* Not so new but still... ac_outpost rails revisited in rusty version.
- "rails_rusty/bent" // Rails, bent and rusty.
- "rails_rusty/straight" // Rails, straight and rusty.

* New models in default_map_settings.cfg primary list...
- hotel_sign //169 Animated with blinking letters (anim by a_slow_old_man)
- traffic_cones/up //173 Orange traffic cone upright
- traffic_cones/down // 174 Orange traffic cone tilted
- extinguisher //175 Extinguisher laying flat on the floor
- extinguisher_box //182 Box on wall with extinguisher
- laundry //183 Laundry sign 'Drop your pants here'
- alarm_bell //184 Small round alarm bell
- worldmap //185 Framed world map specially designed for ac_lainio
- elecbox/elecbox1 //186 Big electric box
- elecbox/elecbox2 //187 Same as above but slightly different
- shovels/shovel1 //188 Upright shovel leaning against wall
- shovels/shovel2 //189 Upright shovel sticking in the ground
- shovels/shovel3 //190 Shovel flat on the floor
- arab_lamps/arab_lamps_1 //191 Round arabic style wall lamp
- arab_lamps/arab_lamp_2 //192 Round arabic style ceiling lamp
- arab_lamps/arab_lamp_3 //193 Round arabic style hanging lamp
- gunshop //194 Front door gun shop sign with 3 lamps
- cl_window01 //199 Window with ledges
- cactus/cactus1 //200 Green cactus with flower
- cactus/cactus2 //201 Thin brownish dried up cactus

- anti_tank // Metal anti-tank barricade (like those on Normandy's beach)
- at_blocks/at_block_up // Big concrete blocks upright
- at_blocks/at_block_down // Big concrete blocks tilted
- doors/doors001 // Use this model to place a door at any height, includes a new door skin but fits any existing single door textures
- doors/door0001b // Same as above but laying flat on the floor
- dumpster_tag // Alternative modern dumpster (black plastic cover)
- grate_aqueous // Specially made for ac_aqueous
- grates // Replacement to makkE's grates
- monalisa // Mona Lisa painting, specially made for ac_lainio
- oil_drums/up // Alternative barrel marked 'OIL'
- oil_drums/down // Same as above but tilted
- oil_drums/spill // Same as above and spilling oil on the floor
- old_clock // Specially made for ac_lainio

[Image: O7dUe5B.jpg][Image: i8Ytct3.jpg][Image: sJ6YhOv.jpg][Image: BEioHVN.jpg]

Note that just but a couple of models have minor bugs, there is no need for you to report them as they have already been fixed but weren't committed in time before the lot was compiled, they will thus be added to the next update.
You can still use them as you please as these bug fixes are just visual and won't affect coordinates or dimensions at all.
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[Image: 5g4AGMo.png]
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That's A BIG LOAD!

Thanks given by:
[Image: isw8Iv0.jpg]
Reminds me of Silent Hill :)

When will it be safe to resume work on this?
[Image: 20130308_01_23_05.jpg]
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(08 Oct 13, 07:44PM)Andrez Wrote: BIG LOAD!

Ha. Hahaha. Haha. Ha.

Great work cleaner :D
Mappers get busy. I mean the windows ones :P
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(09 Oct 13, 03:00AM)DrauL Wrote: Mappers get busy. I mean the windows ones :P

I think the linux bug is fixed...
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I followed the test map on the SVN all along, I'd say there are a lot of incredible and usefull mapmodels, some of them will be hard for mappers to make "ultra clean" clips, but in average, the work Cleaner has put in it and the render is just incredible. Also thanks to Boeufmironton (such an original name) and Toca.

I just have a single question, will the mapmodel-test map be in the official package, and if so, is that possible to make the same thing than Cube (the game), an "empty" map that shows all official mapmodels?
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(08 Oct 13, 03:50PM)Nightmare Wrote: Becomes a Dev... Adds a million things!
And more of them are on the way :p

(08 Oct 13, 07:44PM)Andrez Wrote: That's A BIG LOAD!
Shush! Mind your language. XD

(09 Oct 13, 01:46AM)Felix-The-Ghost Wrote: When will it be safe to resume work on this?
I too wished the Flip/Rotate feature was implemented within this release... Still of actuality tho

(09 Oct 13, 03:00AM)DrauL Wrote: Great work cleaner :D
Mappers get busy. I mean the windows ones :P
I'm not the only one behind all this, there's also Toca, Boeufmironton and a whole bunch of you for hints, inspiration and supportive enthusiasm.

About maps this is indeed a good opportunity for mappers of all levels to explore new possibilities this package adds to the game, I'm pretty sure we can expect some refreshing nice material popping out in a near future.

(09 Oct 13, 10:53AM)ExodusS Wrote: I followed the test map on the SVN all along

Thanks again for all the testing, bug reporting and all, that's the spirit I'd like to see a little more often ;)

(09 Oct 13, 10:53AM)ExodusS Wrote: I just have a single question, will the mapmodel-test map be in the official package, and if so, is that possible to make the same thing than Cube (the game), an "empty" map that shows all official mapmodels?
tbh I'm not too sure if new_content map is/was supposed to stay in package, as a test map I was merely using it to do exactly that with no attention whatsoever paid to display aesthetics.
Now that you mention it I suppose that for the update we could eventually arrange that map for that exact purpose.

PS: I forgot to mention this one... For some reason mapmodel "makke/street_light" was using two slots (7 and 8) so I have modified one of them to a broken down version

[Image: HpxFyHH.jpg]
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