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ACWC Final - USA v Fra

When are you guys able to play ? Next Friday or Saturday would probably be good for us.
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saturday would be preferable. 10am gmt-4 till 3pm gmt -4
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Saturday 7 pm gmt would be good for us. Ok with this ?
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No news ? Btw, It would be nice if anyone was able to set up a stream. XRD maybe ?
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seems like it should be fine, xemi and i have confirmed, as well as teapot, i just want to make sure we have enough before we totally confirm
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has a stream been confirmed ?
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A stream can be set up at 7:30 pm gmt. If USA is ok we could wait till this time before starting playing ?

It's fine for us.
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USA Won shine and elevation, tbh shine was rubbish but the elevation games were pretty fun and intense, close games ^^' well deserved win for usa, good job !
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GGs and congratz USA!

Well played from both sides, especially elevation was great!

(vanquish jizzed)
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(05 Oct 13, 10:37PM)Marti Wrote: (vanquish jizzed)

can confirm

starting my new church of harrek :D
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y u no screenshots & Waffles jersey for sale?!
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Ggs, well played USA, the best team won. You deserved this ! That elevation game was amazing, that's always a pleasure to play these kind of games :)

(We'll be here next year !)
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i was not able to see two shits cause of twitch but apparently usa won, gg usa
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1st Round - ac_shine

2nd Round - ac_shine

3rd round - ac_elevation

4th Round - ac_elevation

GGs USA and nice try Fra|. Nice to see an underdog team win, and second place is definitely more than respectable for France. Harrek also is my new god for his ridiculous moves on elevation. ACWC this year has been a pleasure, ggs guyz.

EDIT: As for the recording, XRD's twitch account went weird so ask him about it. But it is true that I jizzed whilst on air, yes.
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[Image: 23768320131005202835acshineCTF.jpg]

[Image: 37027020131005204553acshineCTF.jpg]

[Image: 57802120131005210602acelevationCTF.jpg]

[Image: 69503520131005212613acelevationCTF.jpg]

GGS USA , great teamwork , nice nade by xemi ;)
Intense game
See you for the world cup 2014 !
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It was awesome play against you guys! Had a great time this year, loved the USA team :D
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Your AC looks epic. I like that hud font. @Vanquish
Congratz USA!
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vanq were you fapping or something
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(05 Oct 13, 11:14PM)Artemis Wrote: Your AC looks epic. I like that hud font. @Vanquish

I can send you on TS3/IRC/something, just PM me when I'm on. I forgot where I found it. :D

(05 Oct 13, 11:38PM)Cemer Wrote: vanq were you fapping or something

Nah, Harrek's moves were too good.

Also, I wrote up a brief thingy for this year's ACWC (if someone with wiki access wants to add something feel free), as well as individual player statistics for every player that has participated in the ACWC (not counting qualifiers) this year. I will of course update it when +BRA+ and |LA| finish their 3rd place match. You can find it here.
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intense ending
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* gambino starts to slowly chant USA and hopes others will join.
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Really great playing with this young usa team. I revoke my previous sentiment of "I hate playing with americans" I hope my rage didnt upset anyone too much. Harrek was giving a masterclass of ac in elevation. Anybody wanting to know how its done should watch him. True legend at work.

Dat double gib.

Thanks to everyone who worked so much on making this years acwc so fun and interesting.

Great games france, had my heartbeat playing some of the sickest dubstep
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(05 Oct 13, 10:55PM)Vanquish Wrote: EDIT: As for the recording, XRD's twitch account went weird so ask him about it. But it is true that I jizzed whilst on air, yes.

Normally when I stream, twitch saves the stream for a few weeks in my video list. However I guess they had some kind of an update and it made that no longer a default enabled feature so I didn't get a recording this time :(
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Well played USA and France, especially on elevation it was awesome to watch.
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ggs all!

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Pinned to facebook, btw ;)
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