cheap AC servers
If you're looking for cheap and easy to configure AC servers, please check :
  • Very low ping servers
  • Reliable connections to Europe and America
  • Intel® Xeon® 5620 3.10 GHz (4 cores), 16 GB DDR3, 100+ MB/s, unlimited bandwidth...
  • A very easy and fast web interface
  • Logs viewer/searcher
  • A subdomain of ''
  • Statistics page
  • optional FTP access
  • Auto-restart feature if one of your servers die
  • HTTP Demos download

If you're interested : register here :
and then you will be able to add/remove servers and check how much it would cost
once you're ready click "proceed to payment"; it will create a bill and then we'll discuss the easiest way for you to pay together (it's a bit informal for now, allopass or something else will come later) and once it is okay your servers will be running and fully configure-able !
If the payment goes quickly it should not take long to get your servers up (the whole thing is ready and already working of course, 3 AC servers have been hosted on that platform for more than 3 weeks now !)

Screenshots :

[Image: attachment.php?aid=464]

[Image: attachment.php?aid=465]

[Image: attachment.php?aid=462]

[Image: attachment.php?aid=463]

(Note: the offer is limited, because the objective is not to make profit)
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Is the login working or what? If yes, what do i have to put in the "login" input? It's not clear mate, I advice you to make a label for those inputs!

And an other question, can i put lua codes on those servers? Is it working Lua?

Thaanks in advance and for the big work you always do for the game :)
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as shown onthe first page, we can host "custom" servers however it needs to be discussed.
also, the login is... the login you picked when you registered.
For some reasons, you used "Login" as login when you registered. I guess you made a mistake.
Your connection details are summed up in your activation mail anyway ;)
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Issues are solved, thanks Lucas! I will buy 2 servers tomorrow when Postal Services open and i can get some money ehehe :)
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quero jogar com um brasileiro

wanna play with a Brazilian
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