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[2nd Round] United Kingdom vs Latin America
Hi guys, what times will you be able to play? Evenings (gmt) suit us better, and afaik we can't play after Friday 23rd, but there is a chance this will change. However the sooner possible we can play the better.

Many thanks
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bump. I'll be idling on IRC @ #acwc and #maclan so we can discuss a time, so far I haven't heard from anyone, hopefully we can settle a time ASAP. :)
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I'll try and get to you in a few hours. Sunday seems to be the best option for us but I need to confirm on that.
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On Friday both of us would be missing a player and on the weekend it's very complicated for you guys. From today until Tuesday, from what I've heard from Vanquish, there's no date where both our starting lineups are available, so we'd appreciate it if Tuesday 10 pm GMT would be possible.
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I cannot play tuesday night. Tuesday early afternoon however i can
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Tuesday early afternoon is fine for me.
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(23 Aug 13, 07:13PM)Roflcopter Wrote: Tuesday early afternoon is fine for me.
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What about Wednesday afternoon (for us)? We can't play on the morning since most of us have to either work or go to school.
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Wednesday works for me.
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We propose Wednesday 10 pm GMT.
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Did you agree on wednesday ?
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It's fine for us, but depends on whether or not the admin will allow an extension until Wednesday (I know I'm an admin, but since I'm playing in this match I don't want to take any actions that may intervene).

I haven't confirmed it with all our players, but we will have at least three (hopefully a sub or two maybe) online to play. We hope this can work out. :)
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I have work at 6 that day :( I don't know when i'll be finished though
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We'll be online on IRC and teamspeak by 10 GMT, hope you can make it :)
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LA 1 - 0 UK

1st round

[Image: 56798320130828223401acgothicCTF.jpg]

Demo :

2nd round :

[Image: 78600720130828225249acgothicCTF.jpg]

Demo :

Good games ! Didn't expect to see a 0-0 on gothic :P
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0-0 gothic :D fuk man, defence my LA o.o
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dat impenetrable defence. well played LA
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0-0 gothic ???!!
ggs :-)
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lol why didnt optic play
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(29 Aug 13, 12:53AM)Xenon Wrote: lol why didnt optic play

He couldn't speak. regardless we probably should have played with him. About 5 people pm'd me after the match asking why optic wasn't playing.
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damn this tourny is full of surprises :D
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Damn, a 0-0 on gothic, I'll look at this demo. Well played LA :D
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My fault.
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GGWP. That's a very close match. Nicely done LA :D
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What the fuuuuuuuuark 0-0

Lol ggs
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next year uk will be a force to look out for
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o.O GG...
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(29 Aug 13, 01:05AM)MerCyKiL Wrote: damn this tourny is full of surprises :D
It's above all a surprise from the line up :)
Good game to all!
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