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[1st Round - Completed] NRD vs USA
Hey, when you guys can play? I would like to schedule this as quickly as possible.

Our situation is currently this:
- I'm available
- pweaks can play, but has been inactive for some time
- Jonhuz can play before weekend
- Not sure about C4rma yet (please contact me as soon as you know if/when you can play)
- yopa is not available
- purple is missing
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Hey buddy, we should be able to play before the weekend. The only player ive received word from as of this second is teapot who is unable to play on thurs/fri.

Im working atm but will get you more info ASAP.

Generally i think that anywhere from 9pm gmt onward works for us, but ill need to check that. If we can aim for wednesday that when i personally would like to make it happen.

What are the time ranges you all are available?
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I am going away Friday to the following Friday. So if I am needed, it would have to be before.
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Wednesday sounds good, but 9 pm gmt is late for us (midnight in Finland).

Jonhuz is going to work early in the morning, so it would make it easier if we could play at least a bit earlier (even 30 minutes helps a lot).

Still haven't talked with carma/pweaks/purple though, so can't confirm yet.
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i think we can play much earlier today as i dont have work. just need to get a third and we can play soon
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So what time ? (and timezone)
de vs pol should be played at 8 pm GMT+2 (6 pm GMT)
i guess we can do it if your game is played @ 8 pm GMT min (8h30 would be better)
streamers ? referees ? vanquish ? harrek ?
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I can hopefully ref.
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i think we're good now, 7pm gmt-3am gmt tomorrow
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(07 Aug 13, 07:54PM)Waffles Wrote: 7pm gmt-3am gmt tomorrow

i want a DATE, a TIME and a TIMEZONE :P
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jesus lucas.

august 7th 2013 7pm GMT-
august 8th 2013 2am GMT

there is of yet no sign of the other team, those are our available times
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what server ?
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game is at 4:50 pm EST (8:50 pm gmt)

probably on gaia. i cannot stream
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That was a very interesting game. The first round was really close.
Stream by sanzo. We reached 40 viewers!

[Image: 108b7894b016614d5a68637e0292ef1e45124252.jpg]


[Image: 1017d040365caa2232502df27ae4aaf7c0abb78d.jpg]

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gg's! gj c4! <3
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Good games USA. Good luck in the next match!
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(04 Aug 13, 10:06PM)[email protected] Wrote: ...
THe players shoudl wear the name they were registered with
Did this not get implemented?
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(08 Aug 13, 11:07AM)jamz Wrote:
(04 Aug 13, 10:06PM)[email protected] Wrote: ...
THe players shoudl wear the name they were registered with
Did this not get implemented?

i wish it was
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Good game
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