Ravi Shankar doesn't like your comment.

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My thoughts: Dubstep is utter crap
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For the simple fact that reggae and dubstep was merged into one song, just sounds intriguing to my ears lol
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I personally don't enjoy a lot of dubstep. A lot of dubstep I can listen to. If it is a soundtrack or whatnot, I can stand it. As long as I don't have to pay much attention to it. Mainly for the fact that I believe not enough work goes into it to make it sound reasonable (just basic synths, get the ugly synths out of there!). But I'd like to propose a clarification to people. Qualify music into two different categories. Entertaining and Good. I find a lot of music entertaining, but I don't think it is good. Entertaining is more subjective than good. Good will tend to have certain qualities and be a bit less subjective.

People after asking me about my music tastes tend to follow up with the question "Oh, are you one of those musical elitists?". While I might be one of those elitists, I understand that people are entitled to their own tastes in music, as its perfectly okay for anyone to find anything entertaining. I might be taken aback if someone liked the sound of whitenoise, I won't think less of them. If someone said they liked Justin Bieber, I wouldn't really care, but if they said they thought his music was "Good", I'd be a little taken aback.

So, a lot of that discussion up there ^^ (half of which has been deleted), could've been resolved by using this distinction.
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That's why you are president and we aren't
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I am not a musician, neither a skilled artist, I am just a strong music listener, and even after years of searches, my lack of knowledge in music forces me to always learn more and more about artists and genres (and their origins).

What RR said about Entertaining songs made me remember something funny. I subscribed a while ago to the UKFDrumandBass channel on Youtube even if I wasn't fond of the posted DnB posted here (mainly commercial and some bad quality remixes), the Like percentage was always turning around 95+... until the day the channel posted this song. The song was just less entertaining and more objective, and this exactelly what DnB elders said.

Some comments you could saw when the song came out:

Quote:This tune is what DnB should be.
If you think Netsky or C&K are the bread and butter of DnB then you need to go and do some homework
Quote:This is fucking awesome! Sick and tired of the UKF fanboy idiots thinking DNB or Dubstep is all about filthy wub wubs. Probably the same cunts that try and mosh during sets and ruin it for everyone...
Quote:What the fuck UKF?
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How am I not seeing any Skream on here? Dubstep has gone through multiple changes, its crazy :D
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They should really split the genre.

Dubstep for Skream, Benga, Distance, Vex'd etc.

Post-dubstep for wubwubwub awfulness.
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Skream made some nice songs in 2008 and IIRC, some of his old songs are used as transitions in Excision's Shambhala.
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Arkasia is my go-to for this kind of music.

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I get your point well RR :D

this is the playlist i usually listen to: http://open.spotify.com/user/1153398390/...smm6NN10QF

dw, theres some dubstep aswell
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To achieve this thread, here's the ultimate Dubstep mixtape.
Just don't stop listening at the first song you dislike and dodge it. ;)

honestly i always start listening at 6:10 :P
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So you don't like the first one ? I already knew it 01 // Excision & Downlink -- Existence from 0:00 to 2:00. I like it ^^

then looking at the tracklist of the mix i think its the only one i know, but the mix looks nice indeed.

I also like Hometrix's mixes, idk if you know him. Look it up on youtube, he has around a hundred different mixes so idk which one to show you ^^
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Yes I know him, and I also knew and like the 3 first songs before 6:10, but IMO one of the best parts are starting at this time. ^^
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If you have a decent headset with a bass boost option. Prepare yourself.
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I remember this song, it was also remixed by Skrillex, then the remix was remixed by Excision for the Shambhala 2010 (wich is in the post #72 of this topic :p) at ~45+ minutesif I remember well.

I don't think Skrillex only did bad songs (even if I especially don't like this remix of "In for the kill"), "Ruffneck" is very different from his other songs, in this one he's not shuffling many different songs and samples of crying peoples to create a total non-sence music, in contrary, there are less different samples and the music is really enjoyable. There is a real melody wich is simple and allows him to follow it with the bassline etc ... even if I find the second part of this song kinda poor (it's the exact copy/paste of the first part -.-)
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Indeed. A friend of mine was lucky enough to be one of the first people to witness skreams remix of it in Nottingham, before skream had rights to publish the song. I envy him!

Infact Ruffneck and make it bun dem are of the few skrillex songs i like now.
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Band of small player lol!
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This is not dubstep, "small player".
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(22 Jun 13, 02:11PM)Marti Wrote:

is this dubstep?
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(10 Jul 13, 11:31AM)Talking_Pig Wrote:
(22 Jun 13, 02:11PM)Marti Wrote:

is this dubstep?

Could be ^^
I got that song too man it's awesome I love the bass in that song :D
I would categorize that bass cannon song as a BASS DUBSTEP type of song
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The original "Bass cannon" is by Flux Pavillons and Doctor P and it's over 5 minutes long, damn UKF. And yes this is obviously a dubstep song. :P
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(10 Jul 13, 01:40AM)ExodusS Wrote: ^
This is not dubstep, "small player".
Ok, sorry the inventor of DUBSTEP!

So, read the title:Anyway i like it and i post it even if u don't like, it's not your thread...
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(10 Jul 13, 12:21PM)ExodusS Wrote: damn UKF.

mad ? lol
theyre just trying to make money ^^

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(10 Jul 13, 04:21PM)Marti Wrote: theyre just trying to make money ^^

Yes but it's a bad quality service, and it's not even a label (iirc the label for "I can't stop" is Circus).

I really want to create a Glitch-hop thread, but since it's an underrated genre... idk.

(10 Jul 13, 03:51PM)Krayce Wrote: Anyway i like it and i post it even if u don't like, it's not your thread...

So if the title says it's classical music, will you believe it? And I didn't know beeing the OP was giving you some special powers. I also never said I dislike it, it's just in the wrong thread and you must deal with it... Go listen to Rhoff.
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(11 Jul 13, 02:02PM)ExodusS Wrote: Yes but it's a bad quality service, and it's not even a label
Well, In fact UKF is a brand that focuses on sharing all aspects of the bass music culture;
The difference between a brand and a label is that a brand leads, while a label follows you around.

Then, here some others songs:

(11 Jul 13, 02:02PM)ExodusS Wrote: So if the title says it's classical music, will you believe it? And I didn't know beeing the OP was giving you some special powers. I also never said I dislike it, it's just in the wrong thread and you must deal with it... Go listen to Rhoff.
What a off-topic you are talking about..., i listen to all music variety. Problem?
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Good friend of mine.


This isn't dubstep, but yeah:

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All EDM sounds the same to me.
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Buy better ears.
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